Having strong bonds

Trke okumak iin tklaynz...

     The ones who do not want to live alone, who want  to be protected and to live the rest of their lives in this manner, who want to find solutions to their problems believe  deeply that it is necessary to have strong bonds with someone (they are very careful about this and place much importance.)

     In this manner they correct the things that are not going well in their lives and bring the matters that have become muddled to light.

     The question that comes to the mind is : To be tied (establish strong bonds), but with whom?

     This should be determined correctly.

     The important thing is to be able  to evaluate the information in connection with this. To be able to reach the correct ideas from the available data.

     Meanwhile, among us there are some individuals who say I do not have any bonds (ties), I do not interfere with other peoples affairs and I do not want anyone to interfere with mine.

     This is totally a wrong type of behaviour.

     If, anyone wants to establish strong bonds, then he should start from the right point and make his steps very carefully, but he should think for a long time regarding the person to whom he will be directing himself.

     Everybody  knows that the individual with whom one is going to establish strong bonds should display a clear and simple attitude which should not be argued.  That person should not create  paradoxes as well.

     He should not go into arguments.

     As a result, he should have  a deep (vast, boundless) knowledge, culture that will be useful to check and  supervise the whole society and correct the mistakes.

     For example, a writer who gets positive responses from his readers, all of a sudden, embraces  them  even if he does not know them.  His phones get locked up (receives so much calls).  The willingness of  the readers is the reason to establish a communication in between.

     Of course, it is useful to learn  about some of the details.

     At this stage there are some questions that may come to the mind.

     Such as:-

     Are there any disadvantages, problems in a connection (a bond) established without thinking?

     Is it possible for one to establish strong bonds with someone else in addition to the  person whom he believes?

     It is necessary to answer these questions carefully.

     Today, the existence of  the subjects which cannot be solved and perceived lead the individual to direct himself automatically to someone who is able to overcome these (who shows the way how to handle them).

     In actual fact, an individuals need to be dependent on someone, the need to take refuge, so to say,  arises from this.

     There can be various types of  having strong bonds, ties. For example, among us  there are the ones who have strong ties with their past and they go on living in this manner.  The majority of the society consists of  these people.  Those who are among the minority are the ones who do not look back.

     Meanwhile,  we should not forget the faithful  people who have strong ties with their spouse, or  the person with whom one is going to get married or a friend.

     The only activity that effects ones life is his curiosity for the future.

     Starting from today, whatever  has been left behind is named as the past and the period that hides ones wishes, dreams regarding the long run is named as the future.

     This is the reason why the individual, in his mind, establishes a bridge between  his past and the future and makes a self criticism (he judges himself).  Almost everybody  makes such a self criticism.

     These are the different points with which we make connections.

     In relation  with this anything that has to be done is taken into consideration and the cause and effect relations  are established.

     The one who cannot question his past cannot reach the present day and he cannot start any activity concerning the future as well.

     In my opinion, such approaches make it more clear and obvious the correctness of  this concept named as bonds/ ties/ connections.

     However, if  one finds satisfaction only with the past, then it is almost impossible to pass over to the further stages and catch the new dreams.

     Being free does not mean to be without any bonds, ties and live alone.  The connection with the essence starts with the beats of the heart. The heart nourishes and supports the brain both spiritually and physicallly and the brain informs the individual who he really is.

     Stepping into mysticism starts with the Word of Oneness (Kalimat-it Tawhid).  According to this everything becomes one single thing and one single thing becomes everything. When summarized the origin, the reality- the connection point, the binding point- of most of  the things is one.

     Our destiny is related to what we are living and it becomes manifest as fate/taqdir.

     Behind every event there is the flow of  the existence-the sign of  the connnection, binding.

     This is how happiness is experienced.

     The happiness forms the harmony and the harmony forms the connections.

     That is how the time changes.

     It exists or becomes non existent.

     The night follows the day.  There is a hidden bond, a connection  between the two as well as  secrets which cannot be understood.

     The possessors of  data (the esteemed individuals who have reached certitude) understand and evaluate these.

     As I have said before, there is nothing without any bonds, connections. Everywhere is full and related  to one another.

     Everyone says something, but the most meaningful ones are put into words   by those who have the closest, strongest bond, connection.

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stanbul - 27.06.2011