Knit One, Purl One

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     Nowadays, it is not possible to see it often,  but in the olden days, there was something that our aunts (as well as the other women in the family) used to do in their spare time: They used to knit sweaters, scarves and pullovers.

     Those who knew how to knit described and explained it to the ones who didn’t know  in the following manner:

     “Knit one, purl* one”

     According to this explanation, they had to “knit” one row and “purl” the following row.

     If you only looked at the (first) few rows, then you would say “it doesn’t look like anything!”,  but when all these knitted and purled rows came together, they made up a pullover, a vest or a scarf.

     Islamic understanding is going through great transformations and I find it similar to this pattern of  knitting.

     Mysticism is going back and forth between the classical physics and the quantum physics, and while forming a new structure, it brings out a different system of understanding.

     We have to admit here that the classical physics is the purled one (the reverse, the back side of the knitting), whereas the quantum physics is the knitted one ( the front side of it).

     The reason is,  no matter from which point  you look at it, the existence of  quantum (physics) generates the classical physics. The classical physics is based on the cause and effect relation. In a sense, the same conditions bring out  the same effects of  the same causes.

     This is what is called determinism.

     The cause end effect relation was explained in the Qur’an as “Every person will have to face (he has to live) the outcome, the consequences of his actions”. The ones who take this warning into consideration and act accordingly (evaluate this warning well and apply it) reach heaven.

     However, the said functions (practices), no matter how positive they are, cannot make people reach the truth.

     The classical physics and the fundamentalist approach that is driven from this mentality are preventing  Islam from being understood better by means of  the information flow from the west.

     Those who try to understand Islam better are not only  degraded to the level of perversity, but they are also insulted.

     The only relief we feel against these thoughts is that this nonsense mentality is losing ground (going backwards) more and more everyday.

     There is something that shouldn’t be forgotten, the existence of the matter as accepted  in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is no longer valid.

     The reason is, the existence of the matter is only a valid assumption only for the observer who perceives it.

     In other words, to observe the mass of energy  as matter results  only from our way of perception. It has been realized that there is absolutely no trace of the observed object in the subatomic dimension.

     Moreover, Bohm,   in his quantum explanation talks about this as a new dimension and names it as the“Quantum Potential”. According to this point of view, the subatomic particles never have a fixed location, therefore in the space everywhere is considered as equal.

     That means there is an absolute integrity (unity, being a complete whole).

     This special characteristic is called the ‘’non-locality.’’

     It is very interesting that all the subatomic particles are interrelated and they communicate with each other.

     Due to its holographic feature evena small particle contains all the information of the whole” .  Therefore, this shows that the information, regardless of any concept  of  place  “is divided equally” within the whole.

     Therefore, it is impossible to make any differentiation between the living and the non-living.

     All kinds of matter  whether they are moving or not  are so interlaced, intertwined  that they cannot be separated and life is enwrapped (wrapped up tightly) within the wholeness of the universe.

     The current information actually points out that the truth/the reality is the quantum dimension and the world of matter we perceive through our five senses will remain as an illusion- a hologram.

     According to this, we can say that the Universe is a Holographic structure.

     The quantum dimension is considered as the anti-matter. This is the knitted part (the right part, the front part of the knitting). A human being has to find his own self which is not relative  within this dimension and in addition to this he also has to realize that the things which look real are relative.

     However, life itself is somehow like  ‘’knit one and purl one’’ and the possessors of truth are observing the holiness of the divine meanings which form the basis of the existence like the brushstrokes of the pinpoint as one great master has once mentioned.


* Purl : A type of stitch which you make when you knit by putting the needle into the front of the first stitch on the other needle

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Ýstanbul - 07.06.2011