Like a Lamb

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     In my articles I have not made it a habit of  referring to the important sayings.  Of course,  the Verses, Hadiths and the sayings of  the Saints (Wali) are an exception.

     However, I would like to state  the following saying of Hz.Jesus (a.s) in this article which I have not forgotten since the time I have first heard it.

     ’Go among the  wolves like a lamb and let them tear you down into pieces!’’

     What does Allah’s Rasul want to tell?

     He, by these words refers to the objective of  creation and points out that there shouldn’t be any sign of ego  in the air that the human being breaths .  He wants to draw our attention to the point that it is impossible to attain perfection  without experiencing, living the differences altogether.

     The human beings open their eyes to this world in a body (made up of flesh and bones).

     Everyone has his own  personality.

     Some people adopt the worldly values and want to have a special responsibility in this field.

     Whereas, some others want to know their origin, their  truth  and they wish to feel themselves as conscious beings which is far beyond  finding oneself as a bulk of flesh and bones. Such people know that if they cannot  discover (acquire)  this important detail during their lifetime in the world, then  they will never have such a chance.

     There is no doubt that all of us have been created in such a way  that we can put forth all of  these conditions.  So, in accordance with this (principle) everyone has made his own decision and made his own choice.

     What I want to say is this:

     Some wish to stay in the same way as he was born (without any change).

     Some, want to become   non-existent and together with this process to become his own (true) self.

     The one who can be side by side with the cosmos  may expand  his imagination and find the micro universe in his essence/in his brain.  In connection with this he states that  the  operating principles (of the system) named as  Sünnetullah (Sunnah al Allah) are dominant in the structure of  his character and his habits.

     On the other hand, instead of  accepting these rules he can turn his face to the material things, to this world (worldly affairs and values).  He thinks that this is the only thing that will be done in life.  In actual fact, this is always so.  As his dreams increase he runs  into new dimensions of feelings.

     Supposedly, he tells about life in its simplest form and wants his life to be an example for others.

     Wheras, the rope of life  has been lost.

     To become a whole with (everything), not to see anything and anyone apart, to protect and look after  a weak person,  not to mention about the good deeds that one has done,   to overlook the bad actions (not to notice them), to be able to cover them up and to be strong like a  castle is  very difficult and it is almost impossible.

     In any case, the consciousness of  the physical body does not deal with such incredible things,  it does not bother to spend any effort for dealing with them, but remains as it is.

     The Satan which irritates the biological structure says to the human being ‘’live like a separate unit so that I can break you down whenever I want to.’’

     Remain together with your feelings and do not see what is in front.

     In this state of yours never  make a step forward for  the wholeness, unity!

     During the period which Allah  has granted  us the possibility of making a divine choice just choose to be behind the veils and forget  the objective for which  you have come (to this world).

     Now, my friend  gather yourself together and go on living with the relation of  Allah and the Human being.  Contrary to the deist belief, Allah has not become passive (does not stay aside) after the creation.  Allah, every instant  intervenes and becomes involved with  the human being, the history and the society.

     Just glance  at the ones who show their faces to you with hatred (who look at you with hatred)with a smile on your face, so that they will try to understand you.  Just do whatever you can to help those  who are jealous of you, who cannot tolerate you, who cannot  bear to be with you and who are so angry with you that they may even wish that they could kill you.

     Do not care about the pictures, designs, shapes and the words.

     Or,  do what the Satan says.

     Just think!

     You are talking about your beliefs;

     Just look how the Nabi(s), Rasul(s) and the Saints have been smashed.

     It looks as if  they have made an invitation to get collapsed.

     Just remember how the ones  who were on the path to Allah and burning with the desire to achieve their objective had to bear such incredible insults.

     Instead of holding their heads up they  had to look down as if they were guilty upon those threatening  and condescending looks.

     Can you imagine how the price of  not being left as a unit has been paid?

     They were torn apart into pieces, their bodies were like a heap of dust !

     However, they did not walk around with fear.

     They never lost their belief.

     In their minds and  in their thoughts there wasn’t the term ‘’to be subject to something or somebody.’’

     Some of  them were torchered!

     Some were put into prison!

     They were dragged along, life was made miserable for them and  they were killed.

     However, no matter what happens they did not   let their  will power  to be oppressed.

     The reason is that they made themselves believe the fact that there is  something more than (or beyond)  the physical body.  The positions, the ranks  were temporary and they were well aware of this.

     So, they wouldn’t be asked the following question ;-

’Why didn’t you use  the opportunities that we have presented to you?’’

     However,  those who find themselves as a  biological structure  and who go on living like this will be frustrated and will not be able to answer.

     If, you do not want to push aside this opportunity that has been granted by the Absolute One, if you do want to remain as a separate unit and if you do not want to say ‘’we have come from the earth and we shall go back to the earth’’ then I suggest that we should listen the words of Hz.Jesus Nabi(a.s).

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