Satanistic Views

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     A rule of Sufism/Mysticism that should be accepted is:  All the good qualifications are attributed to Allah and the bad ones are attributed to the satan.

     The satan represents the bad qualifications. It would be a mistake if these are not taken into consideration seriously.

     When these worrisome, bad qualifications that have set up a permanent order in the data base of the individual become manifest, that is when they are clearly noticed, they are considered as a satanistic qualification.

     Some of the examples (for the satanistic qualifications) are:

     -When   those extremely spoiled, snob  and proud people who are very well known by everybody  think that they are indispensable (which is just an illusion that will never come true) ;

     -When they gossip all the time and choose the places for gossip intentionally;

     -When the strong, powerful people torcher the weak ones all the time no matter they have a reason or not and leave them in extreme distress, sorrow and withhold their affection (do not show them any affection);

     -When the individual craves for  acquiring material wealth such as possessions, money, real estate and feels the need to defend himself, becomes afraid of being trapped, being deceived and for  this reason looks   at every event with suspicion;

     -When the individual becomes a hypochondriac;

     -When someone close to the individual becomes ill he worries that he will have the same illness too or stays away from that patient in case he will become also become ill  and  when the individual fears death too much;

     If, one does not go over these emotions (fight with them, try to overcome them) and when the things that should be done cannot be done or if they are neglected, then the individual will have to face dangerous things and this is fated.

     In connection with this let us try to help you by a hadith of Allah’s Rasul Hz.Mohammed (s.a.v):-

     ‘’It is certain that the son of man’s heart  has a branch in every valley. If, his heart  becomes attached  to all of these branches, then Allah-u Teala does not care  in which valley he will destroy him.’’

     It is possible to define the concept ‘’valley’’ mentioned in the hadith  as  the nafs (meaning the individual’s nafs)  or the individuals’ data base.

     The desires of one’s nafs has been separated as the branches of the valley.

     What is meant here is ‘’If, the individual’s consciousness (mind) obeys these desires and goes on living like an ordinary individual, then he will be destroyed easily in any field/subject in some way’’.

     The factors,  whose samples we have  given  above, make up the said data base like a dough by means of genetics or conditionings/habits.

     This  bouquet of emotions/desires and extravagance,arrogance exists in everyone leaving aside the exceptions so,  I find it suitable to name  these as  satanistic views, scenes.

     To tell the truth, I have no intention to upset the minds and create some worry. In actual fact,  it is well known that these are not new. These are the warnings which are made every time.

     Let alone the ordinary people it is interesting that this situation is valid even for those people who cover their heads, who perform the salat regularly and who fast.

     We can see that in the process of destruction some factors may lead to severe outcomes. Among these are the sudden changing atmosphere especially in  the social events , to have an uncomprising attitude and the emotions.

     See, how a Sacred Hadith (Hadith Qudsi)  summarizes this situation:

     ‘’The heart of  the servant (the one who is on the  path leading to Allah) is between the two fingers of Rahman (the Beneficient).’’

     The two fingers of Rahman are the revelations of’jalal’’*  and ‘’jamal’’. ** The ones who live/experience this revelation are the ones who possess the wholeness of the asma. These possessors, within an instant   may make  the  individual  who has a rather weak belief, who couldn’t settle down, who couldn’t  become stable loose his belief.

     This is a decree.

     Yes, this is the meaning that the sacred hadith (hadith qudsi)  has. In connection with this  the Quran-al Kerim  evaluates the situation that the ‘’servants of Rahman/the Beneficient’’ experience/live as follows:

     ‘’The servants of Rahman (those who are conscious (fully aware) about the truth of their asma) live on earth (during their life within the physical body) without their ego and consciously (as conscious beings).   When the ignorant ones (who are veiled from the truth) attack them, provoke them they just say ‘’Selam’’. (Chapter of  Furkan; Criterion (25): Verse 63

     (Ahmed HULUSÝ-  Solving the Quran Al Kerim through  the Reflections From Allah’s Knowledge/Science)

     As can be seen an individual is brought to this point by being inconsistent and unstable.

     Therefore, we have to leave aside the worries/ the statements of regret and deal with the aspects that we are lacking and avoid the actions which lead to destruction and become mature.

     In this article we have tried to present  what may happen to the people who do not care about the points regarding the beliefs. However, we can continue on our way by the clues presented to us by the possessors of  Allah.

     If the opposite is done, then we may get stuck somewhere.

     Let us think altogether !

     When an individual tries to save the humanity (other humans) before he makes his ego (self) disappear(before he is in full control of himself, his ego) which he assumes to be existing, then he will cause all these people to be drifted into the quick sand (into a problematic situation).

     This kind of behaviour  and the similar behaviour types can only be described and named as ‘’satanistic views, scenes’’. Here, we cannot go into their details, but just mention them.

     This subject is so clear and open that it cannot be considered as a probability or a nightmare.


*jalal :  The dictionary meaning is being glorious or mighty .

-In mysticism this is an attribute of Allah. The state  which places Allah beyond the understanding of the created beings.    This attribute is close to the Essence, the Dhat  of Allah,  therefore it rather burns (there is too much tension and stress).

**jamal:  The dictionary meaning is beautiful. 

-In mysticism this is an attribute of Allah which is more close to the created beings, therefore it is experienced in a more softer way.

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