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     I think, due to the fact that we are addicted to  material things  we don’t appreciate the value of “the days that are passing by”.

     We can hardly find the bonds of love, respect,  trust, confidence and the feeling of sincerity which should be present in our lives. We cannot find these qualities and share them even with our closest ones, and establish them among us (make them stable).

     These qualities cannot sprout or nourish because we are not accustomed to (do not have a tendency for) the spiritual values and we have very exaggerated expectations for the worldly values.

     We do love to disregard, ignore some things-values. The society observes all this negativity passively. Thick walls are built around us. However, human relations can be more important than we think.

     We have become careless about others (we do not give any importance to other people) as we have turned into experts in everything.

     Are we forgetting the photographs  in our memories; the colours, the lines of our past   which we have filled in with our virtues, weaknesses-problems, with all the negative and positive aspects of our lives and the zigzags that we have made?

     I guess we haven’t forgotten them yet.

     However, we act like we have forgotten. In the mean time, the so called authorities come on the scene and lecture for the purpose of showing off and talk about sincerity. Nevertheless, they are not genuine, they just imitate, thus they cannot be a remedy to the bleeding wound. Nevertheless, the truths become manifest inevitably.

     Doesn’t this matter require a little bit of more thinking about that feeling we are talking about?

     In a way, the elderly ones are responsible  for where we are now (for the current situation), because they have left this field uncontrolled. The reason is that their mission has become manifest  several times in several  decades;  it was much emphasized, well thought upon accepted and especially much effort was spent to make it perceived completely.

     The problems go on and on when this matter is not approached as told.

     It is very interesting that we seem to ignore the good things and the wishes/intentions. We don’t even want to remember certain things but prefer another principle. We hold on to the excuses like “It is not good think too nicely (to be too kind and gentle).”

     If we need to summarize it, we are almost like the dead!

     In reality, to open up the path that leads to  becoming a lively person, it is necessary to know the reasons well for these passive and dull (expressionless) moods”.

     It is expected from us to perform our duty  and this is  to face and overcome sincerely the ideas that are against supporting the humanly relations, to think about the solutions to correct these problems and to apply them.  It is also our duty in the first place to be respectful to the approaches,thoughts of  Allah’s Rasul  and the ones who are the possessors of Allah (who have attained certitude to Allah).

     Unfortunately, today’s human being couldn’t put forth such types of behaviour that are highly missed, couldn’t complete his progress, and  couldn’t synchronize his thoughts with those of the ones who are adjusting and arranging the (knowledge) that they are sharing in accordance with the contemporary developments.

In my opinion, this is the biggest factor that prevents sincerity.

The class of people we have mentioned  make us feel their presence with their different “sincere, close and from the heart” formation.

Those who lack this formation, put a distance between them and the others as if they are strangers and  even if they are sincere, they cannot find the opportunity to show this feeling on any account.

Whereas a person who is tied with strong bonds  to Islamic beliefs and values, no matter what happens,  should be able to use this virtue within the wholeness and he should be the leading figure to broaden the vision of  the society and keep them upright.

This is the way (method) of becoming effective in terms of sharing.

     On the contrary, secretive,uncommunicative behaviour-phony acts reveal themselves and this condition confuses almost everyone. From this point on, it becomes nearly impossible to talk about any existence of sharing.

     It should not be forgotten that to help a person get rid of his depressed mood and make him feel lively (again) or talk about a thought which reflects the truth and make the shared thoughts more clear and understandable can only be achieved by means of being sincere.

     It is the duty of all of us to be able to make this happen.

     To disappoint someone  who approaches you with  sincere emotions purposefully has no place in the religion of Islam or humanity.

     Of course, what I am talking about here is also applicable for the social life”.

     If, people have managed to overcome the obstacles and the difficulties that appeared in life, then that is because they have had faith in each other, in other words, they have been sincere.

     It doesn’t mean that this atmosphere, feeling (of trust) has changed or it may change because of  some small unexpected (incidents), misunderstandings, and emotional attitudes.

     The reason is a person is either sincere or not. It becomes clear after a certain time period.

     The other attitudes are deceptive. It seems to be genuine because a personal benefit is expected (the person looks sincere because he is doing it for the sake of his personal interest.). Besides, (acting phony) he loses all his credibility in the eyes of others, his identity and cannot have the  title of educator/mentor.

     It shouldn’t be forgotten that “insincere personalities” can easily be identified (become manifest) within the social web.

     The prohibitions, taboos and the absurdities  which arise from the conditionings, traditions and customs of the society are not divine decrees, but they are still prevailing and this is a fact.  However, being sincere, sincerity overcomes all of these and enables the individual to have his freedom.

     In other words, the negative thoughts and deeds are instantly transformed into positive ones by means of being sincere.

     Soon enough, whatever belongs to the past is wiped out.

     After this transition period, the person gets used to what is right and real, starts to think, act and live his life accordingly.

     In real terms, this is what we call sincerity.

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Ýstanbul - 28.03.2011