The Culture of Empathy or the Mirror Neurons

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     “Empathy” is   the ability to imagine what it must be like to be in someone's situation, to understand and share his emotions,thoughts or feelings.  An individual, who can make use of this quality  accomplishes better than before. The comparisons also approve the fact that what we are saying is correct.

     According to this fact, when someone who has the desire to share notices the others and wants to help them, he starts using the telepathic  wave structure in his brain. By doing this  he makes the subject that we have been talking about to function.

     From then on it is a must for us to say that these people are serene and peaceful within.

     This process  also takes place during meetings, at times of interaction with people, through positive approaches, good intentions and mutual respect.  

     On the other hand, when the subject is  one’s own interest and benefit, then in relation with this  some situations arise; such as  incoherent, illogical acts, crimes, fights, as well as starting a quarrel out of  nothing in the most inappropriate places. In such a case, due to the weakness of  the brains that influence one another things happen in a negative way. This is also done by means of  the mirror neurons and the telephatic kind of waves as we have mentioned above.

     I am emphasizing it: When a human being chooses a life style that suits only his nature, character, his way of thinking and bodily needs, then empathy  that we have mentioned will not  function and he would have to face situations beyond his capacity (to handle them). Moreover, his brain will be surrounded by piles of thoughts which will cause severe interference.

     As it is understood, whether they are beneficial or not, both functions operate with a similar system. This kind of  logic (approach) is not only useful for the individual concerned, but also for those around him as this  sensitivity is transmitted to the people around.  It is beyond you and beyond your interventions or else the opposite happens.

     That is to say, the former creates happiness and the latter creates bizarre things, behavior types that put forth the helplessness.

     Therefore, it will be correct to say that the guarantee of a beneficial deed, in a sense, depends on the intention that one chooses.

     The only way to save oneself from pessimism is to set oneself free from  the flesh and bone body and its limitations –although its existence-structure is based on esma-I külleha (all the beautiful names of Allah).

     The reason is this flow of information/knowledge cannot be perceived easily when life is dominated by the flesh and bone body.

     In this context, it is possible to speak about these details: If, you are careful you can see that  knowledge is an attribute that  exists in the brain.  The conscious too exists in the brain.  In a sense, we can say that conscious is equal to knowledge (conscious=knowledge).

     Knowledge never disappears. Death confirms  this phenomenon. Death is not an end but a change of dimension. However, the conscious continues along the stages following death from where it has left (from the moment the dimension has been changed with death) without any further improvement.

     Let us go back to our main subject before making the examples longer.

     Nowadays, there are numerous researchers and one of them is called Ramachandran.

     He presents us with important information that enlighten us about how the brains influence one another by ‘’the waves’’ (mirror neurons) that they spread out.

     According to this, our brain is programmed to perceive someone else’s  brain. This matter becomes effective by means of mirror neurons or telepathic kind of wave structure.

There is a proverb commonly used in public that refers to this point: “Grapes turn ripe by facing (by looking at) each other.”

     This proverb, in a way, explains that our brain has such a structure that it can perceive the person’s brain,body next to us.

     In fact, Allah’s Rasul informs us with his explanation  “whoever sleeps with a full stomach while his neighbor is hungry, is not a (true) believer” (from Buhari).By this statement Allah’s Rasul  informs us that the observer should understand, sense  the state of a person who is under anesthesia for example.

     In this warning, he refers to (the importance of) social sharing and, in a way, ‘’to empathy and to the existence of the mirror neurons. He also indicates how people should pull themselves upright, points out the negative consequences of behaving (impulsively) without  using your mind. Moreover,he also points out that  the person who cannot adjust himself to the contemporary developments, life style or to the ongoing changes (transformations) , will be left behind,(left alone in his corner) with no chance of return and consequently, the result will be dreadful.’’

     The purpose of Allah’s Resul, as far as I understand, is towards constructing integrity.

     As a result, a brain  who doesn’t have a life style  as said above   becomes inefficient (is left in a viscious circle), fictitious and it can never be productive and can never be useful to humanity.

     Most of  the evaluations are focused (they emphasize this picture) on this picture which seems difficult to apprehend.

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İstanbul - 22.01.2011