(Chapter  3)

Wolf holes make the universe endless and limitless from the macro plan to  the micro plan by equalizing all the points to each other in the structure of the space-time and by binding separate universes to one another like in our universe. At the same time this situation  throws light on the question why electrons have the same value all around the universe. Regarding this situation John Wheeler and Richard Feyman have expressed that there is One electron which can appear  everywhere at the same time by passing through the wolf holes which are located in the structure of the four dimensional space-time existing in the universe.

Thus, all the anti-electrons ( it is valid for all the  particles too) exist as a different appearance of that One electron. Another characteristic of the wolf holes is to give an opportunity to travel in time. As the matter moving to the event horizon jumps to the future because of  the speeding  time. Also,  when it enters  the tunnel because  that time works backwards, it moves to the past in proportion to its length of stay  in the tunnel. If we try to explain this state with a more concrete example, first let us  form an earthworm hole which  a spaceship can proceed the distance  between the two ends in an hour. Let us move our spaceship around one of the earthworm’s ends for an hour long beginning from noontime which is  12 o’clock a.m. As the body travels with the light speed (or under the effect of attraction) its time will freeze and when the clock shows 13:00 outside, it will still show 12:00  on board the ship. In other words, it had jumped an hour towards the future. (At the other edge time shows 12:00 again, but outside it is 13:00.) When the outside time shows 13:00  and if we send the ship into the hole at that moment, it will come out from the other end at 12:00 by gaining an instant speed along the tunnel  and after travelling to the first hole for an hour, it will meet itself entering into the tunnel.

Besides, a black hole has three measurable parameters like mass, electric charge and rotation speed. Until now we had placed emphasis  on black holes of  Schwarzchild type.  Now, let us examine  the ones that have  electric charge and  the rotating types. It is known that electromagnetic force is trillion times stronger than the gravitational forces. Keeping this state in mind when we think of letting  electric load fall  on a black hole that is not loaded and which is stationary,  the outcoming  electromagnetic force will resist the gravitational force and cause the formation of  two different events  around the singularity.  That is to say two regions where time stops. As the electric load of the hole increases, the inner event horizon starts to expand, but the outer event horizon which has been formed due to the gravitational force shrinks. When it is charged with the highest charge that it can have, the two event horizons collide and destroy each other.   This makes the event horizon disappear and makes the plain singularity appear. But, here the important point is that we should not  expect to find a black hole like this in the universe.  As the fields of electromagnetic force  are so strong that in every direction they become neutral by separating the atoms of the gas and dust clouds between the stars which are light years far away from each other and by pushing the electrons in the orbit and pulling the positively charged nucleus towards itself.

Similarly,  when we think that if the hole is charged positively it becomes neutral by pulling the electrons with negative charge around itself.  Here we come to an important conclusion…  The strong electromagnetic force which will be formed by the  electrical load will  decrease or destroy the gravitational effect. So,  it is made possible for a ship to move in a very powerful magnetic field with a speed closer to the speed of light (or an equivalent force of attraction) by blocking its  harmful effects. This at the same time shows that by using the existing brain power a person can radiate very strong, powerful  electromagnetic fields.  So, by using these fields  a person can  stop the negative effects which may appear and he is able to go from one point to another at very very high speeds. Just like the moving state that the mystics named as “tayy-ı mekan”, namely  the changing of  a place.

In a second way of tayy-ı mekan  a mystic can be seen in his physical appearance  anywhere with the electromagnetic (microwave) body namely as a soul by leaving his body.  As it being explained in the mystic sources, in spite of passing over to Barzah, which is a dimension of waves and to a body of light, some can retransform this body into the biological body again.
Hz. Hızır (a.s.) takes place in our world whenever he wants by transforming his hologramic body (body of light) in other words his soul to his biological body.
Similarly Hz.Jesus a.s. will within a short time make his hologramic body of  light denser and transform it into the biological body and take his place in our world. Most of the mystics and the wise men agree on this, but today  according to the materialistic-mechanical view of life several brains refuse this as they do not find the  idea  scientific and rationalistic. (See Ahmet Hulusi / Kendini Tanı)

As a third one, as we have mentioned  before, let us have a look at a black hole that has no electric charge and which  is stationary. When we start turning the hole, a second event horizon will appear again. The reason for that (as it is the case in the centrifugal force), is to resist against the attraction force by turning. If the turning speed of the hole increases, the inner event horizon starts to increase, but the outer event horizon narrows. When the turning reaches  a maximum speed, the two event horizons overlap and they get lost  and bare oneness is formed just like it happens in the charged black holes. But despite the similarity with the charged kind, this kind’s oneness is perpendicular to the rotation disk and has a loop form at the equator plane.

Later  the characteristic of  the black holes to bind separate space-time points to each other has been brought up.  Then, in the case of  the other two ones (the ones which do not turn and the ones that are charged) no matter from which side they are being approached all the material structures are destroyed by the infinitely curved space-time.
However, it has been understood that in the kind that turns the destruction (breaking into the pieces) takes place only when they are being approached from the plane of the equator. If it is being approached from any other angle then the matter would not be affected by the infinitely curved space-time and it has a chance to pass through the  loop of oneness. (Only when the oneness is being  entered with a certain angle.)
The following statement supports this idea:   In the systems with two event horizons, the space in the middle of  these horizons is abstract.  In spite of this, the space between the inner event horizon and the oneness is the same as our space. However,  all of them  seem as a compelling principle, because of  the existence of not eternal but increasing and decreasing strange powers of attraction tides.  Theoretically  there is the possibility of passing through these alive without getting destroyed, but in practice it is impossible. (Actually nobody has a definite knowledge about this subject.) However,  here a very important point is being missed.  This is because of our approaching this subject in terms of  the relation of the piece to the whole as usual. However, when we take into consideration  the universe as an indivisible, unbreakable one whole in an independent way from the space-time, then we should not be discussing the vanishing of  the matter expressed as above by being broken and being separated into components. Instead of  this we should perceive that there is a  transition of the things accepted as matter into different structures in different dimensions.  This  shows that both the metaphysical formations and the compelling principles expressed above could be abolished. This proves at the same time Hz.Muhammad’s (s.a.v) visiting the heavens from Jerusalem during the ascension have been realised towards the essence in the dimensional platform.

Because of our evaluating  everything in comparison with the five senses, we suppose that heaven and hell which are the dimensions  in the next stage would also be perceived according to our five senses.  The reason for this  originates from our perceiving the concept  of  reality, the only One conscious through our five senses. As a result  it gets covered and becomes manifest in the scale of the five senses and defines itself according to this.

Consequently, the transitions could be to our universe along with the transitions to the anti-universes (See. The nature of time-Sufism and Human Being / Physics.)

Besides, if enough pressure  is applied on an object, its material could be compressed down to the size of a proton  and with the outcoming attraction force a black hole can be formed in the size of an atom nucleus. (Its structure is different from the spinning and charged black holes.) In the beginning of the universe the density was very high, because  all the matter that formed the universe was at the same place, at the same time.
As a result of the big bang, within  10 powered (-20) seconds of time such mini black holes may get formed by compressing the extremely dense zones.
It is thought that the nearest  black hole like the above is approximately 1.6 trillion kms far from us. A black hole that will approach  the Sun and move inside  it without being affected and without getting evaporated can produce a very large amount of energy by swallowing mass and it can leave as a bigger black hole. Also, this kind of  a bigger structure’s hitting the Sun or its being positioned on an  orbit close to the Sun can destroy it inside the black hole by absorbing  all the matter which belongs to the Sun. In this case it would be possible for the Sun to be a black hole which we think  would keep its existence as a white dwarf.
We can understand this from the double star systems which are abundant in the universe.  One of them is a normal star and the other is a black hole that has completed its life and collapsed.   The hydrogen and the helium gas of  the normal stars that got caught up in the membrane of  the event horizons belonging to the black hole can be dissolved easily.  So,  in the whirlpool at the surface of the black hole their temperature increases by billions of degrees and they start forming helixes.  As a result they start spreading X-rays and become perceivable.

There was this kind of  x-ray radiation in the white dwarves and the neutron stars. However, they are different in the sense that  they are too small to be a white dwarf and they are not as shiny. As  they don’t spread x-rays on regular periods they cannot also become a neutron star. Such a body that would be  dangerous for us has been  determined to be approaching us from a distance which is 9 light years away from the center  of  the galaxy with a speed of 50 kms per second. Even if  we think of surviving through this event,  it is a quite high possibility that we would vanish by getting dragged into a black hole with a gigantic mass and which spins very fast (proved by the radiation received).

The observations and  the calculations that have been made, show that the rotation of  our hundred thousand light year wide galaxy around its axis which is completed in 250 millions years is caused by the extremely intense force of  attraction coming from a black hole placed out of the galactic system.

To be continued….

Istanbul- April 20th 2001

Popular Science Magazine
September 2001

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