Midi-clorian means mitochondrion.   The mitochondria are the microscopic, bacteria like structures that live in the cells of our body.

In the past the mitochondria were evaluated as  energy producing plants and it was  thought that they produced energy for the cell.

However, in the recent years the researches of Schon and other scientists have found out another function of  the mitochondria.

As  it is being told in the ‘’Star Wars’’ the hidden powers of  the mitochondria are being deciphered one by one. 

Mitochondrion is the authority that makes the final decision in most of  the critical decisions of  life.  For example;

‘’Which one among your mother’s seed cells will become mature and make up the egg that will form you?’’  or ‘’Will the conditions that will enable you to live for  100 years  be available?’’  The answers to these questions are all hidden in the mitochondria.

It has an important role in illnesses such as Parkinson  and Alzheimer and it brings an explanation to the question why there are two sexes in the  human race.   In the nucleus of  the human cell there are 10 thousand genes, whereas in each mitochondrion there are only 37 genes. 

The effect and role of  the mitochondria on the reproductive system is much more complex than we know. 

It is possible that the presence of the  two sexes specified as the male and the female is because of  the  mitochondria.

The genes in the mitochondria are not only influential in reproduction, but they also have an important role in our health after birth and the whole lifelong.

As the mitochondria plays a very important critical  role in the life of  the cell, the scientists had never thought of  the fact that the mutation in the DNA of  the mitochondria would be the cause of  some illnesses.

Since the year 1988 the scientists in the  genetic field  have discovered that the mutations in the DNA of  the mitochondria were the cause of many illnesses.  Most of  them are effecting the muscles and the brain because there is a very high need for energy in these organs.   The main illnesses are  sickness in the stomach, deafness, the tired feeling after heavy exercise, diabetes, being mentally  retarded, paralysis, speech disorders and being short.***   It is very surprising that these 37 genes can lead to so many types of  illnesses.   The more surprising point is that similar mutations may cause different illnesses in different people. (1)

We should not say just ‘’the genes’’ and leave aside, because genetics covers such a wide area.  The eye, the hair, the skin, the character of  the individual, his destiny, whether he will be happy (said) or  unhappy (shaki) in other words whether he’ll go to heaven or hell and all the other formations are in relation with the structure of  the genes which is also named as ‘’the data bank’’.(2)

I assume  that you have the necessary knowledge about the genes.  However, what is being told now is a completely different situation. As far as I can understand, it is the deciphering of  a secret department named as the mitochondria which is beneath the dimension of the genes and it contains extremely  special information.

In the book of  mysticism all the universal dimensions are being mentioned and all the happennings regarding the existence are being told in simplified forms so that  the people can understand them.  However, today, the existence of popular science has made the unbelievable become true and started to decipher the messages of both the Koran and Hz. Rasul of  Allah.

The following words of Hz.Mohammad are the source for the researches made by science regrading the Mitochondria and the Genes:-

Everything is with the destiny. Even helplessness, being clever and being talented or  being talented, being clever and helpless.(3)

Today, by means of the positive sciences the steps taken towards the Truth of  the Human Being will make the unknown become known and there will no longer be the science that comes out of what is already  known.

Now, it becomes necessary to think over the words of  the mystics that say ‘’Science does not depend on the known’’  or  ‘’Science depends on the known’’.

Istanbul, February 15th 2001

(1)Cumhuriyet Bilim
(2) the Sun has set in England
(3)Hadith/ Kutubi Sitte

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