There is a saying ''What is important is not  money, but  to follow  a certain order’’!

So, it seems that the planets who have been moving closely to one another have heard this and now they have gathered in Taurus.

Mars, Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Taurus and they are hosted  by the South node.  During May 8th-9th and 10th the Moon will join them, so they will be five altogether.   Later on,  this closeness will become loose and it will not be seen in the coming months.

Actually, this pleasant  situation in Taurus is more active during the first  ten days of May.  It is pleasant, because the planets are nice and they have very nice influences. Many things can be done such as  holding  the  hand of love and get the taste out of  the nice friendships, relations and enjoy the pleasures.   It is possible to benefit from   the self confidence  provided  by Mars  and  make big leaps and present  yourself   in the field of  work and say ‘’I am here too’’.

Well, it is also possible  to become more lively  in the heat of  the Sun, to advance with confidence and to get the utmost taste out of life.  I can also say that it is possible to use the practicality and creativity of Mercury  skillfully and be more successful.

Moreover,  you will have very positive influences from Pluto, Neptune and  do  wonderful  things. For example,  during the first 3 days of the month  Pluto is supporting  the Sun which can enable you to make renewals  depending on your capacity.   You may see the subjects on which you can be influential  and to what extent, thus you’ll recognize  your own power and show it to others.   It  may be possible to have a new perspective in your subjects of interest , to think more deeply and to reach a new level of awareness.

It also increases the physical well being.  You may give a new form to your body by correct and determined training.  These may be days when you will use your mind, spirit and body as a whole.

These are  especially valid in the long term for the people of Taurus born during the first days of this sign.  We can say that  this is the most powerful  time of your life, perhaps a turning point.  2013 may be your year.

During the beginning of the second week Pluto and Mars are giving strong support to Mercury. This enables important ideas to flourish, the establishment of new strategies which will form the basis for good changes and lead to success.  This is the time for those who are advancing with confidence and awareness.  The ones who are serious and determined and who place more importance to the values  will be successful.

On May 4th-5th there is the influence of Neptune.  For Mercury this can be easiness in creativity  in art or in ideas.   By using  the inspirations coming from your imagination  magnificent  things can be created.   Even someone who  thinks that he has no talent may find nice, pleasant and creative aspects  in himself.   Perhaps,  he may not do  very important  things, but at least he can be pleased with himself.

We can speak about Saturn which is rather  forceful.    This planet concerns the people of Taurus born in the last week of April,  the people of Aquarius born in the  last week of January and the people  of Leo born during the last days of July and the first days of August.   It is possible to experience some bottle necks,   troubles and they may have to spend   much effort  in order to pass these trials.    It is the time for them  to develop their patience,  endurance and will power.

On the  9th of May at night time we shall see the New Moon in Taurus accompanied  by the eclipse of  the Sun.   This is not a total eclipse and it will not be seen from Turkey.   In general, its influences can be changes and problems on material values,  investments, stock exchange, financial  resources and  on  the things which are valuable for the individual.

Regarding these subjects one can be more emotional which leads to restlessness, frustration.   Your moods can be strange,  there can be  loss of clarity and the power of perception and logic will be out of control for a short time which will be harmful.

It can stimulate some of  the problems regarding the health, such as the throat, the neck, the  thyroid,  vocal chords and the skin.  If, this eclipse is taking place in the 6th house  of  the natal chart, then it is more important. Being emotional,  moody (depending on how much the individual values himself) and the path that the individual follows stubbornly  leads to positive or negative conclusions.

All of these are not limited with the day of  the eclipse. Sometimes, they can come out one or two days before  and mostly  afterwards.  This period may  even last for  four  to six months.

This month is rich regarding  the eclipses.   The next eclipse will be the eclipse of  the Moon.  This will also be partial and it won’t be seen from Turkey.  This eclipse in general will influence the schools, education, culture, foreign countries, international relations,the press and the  mass media.  It also influences the beliefs,  religious subjects and our unconscious.   It enables to become aware of new situations,  to make preparations  for effective changes. The things that should be learned to realize these  may be on the agenda.  I hope that it has been made easier for us to make use of  whatever is taking place in the system and live accordingly.

With love to you all,

Istanbul May 15th.2013

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