To be able to apply the teachings of Allah’s Rasul (s.a.v)

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     Every community  that lives  in the direction of  faith-belief is  ruled by the Rasul(s) who match their aptitude and talent, capacity.

     When it comes to us,  as we are thinking  that we deserve to have Allah’s Rasul,  I wonder if we can  apply his teachings  and know him as well?

     Are we able to choose and make the best of what he  is saying?

     Or else do we act, behave in a  strange way ?

     Regarding this subject while there is so much healthy, trustable information in the internet, tv, books and films why do we still accept our personal ideas as religious information;    why do we  try to spread them around and make the people  become conscious of the religion in the wrong manner,     why has this become our objective?

     All of these are not proper  for a human being who knows himself.

     When we think about this aspect we must accept that mysticism is a field which can be made suitable for having the wrong information.

     To tell the truth, the attitudes dominated by   limited points of view  create these circumstances.

     However,  among us the ones who have a certain level of culture  and education and whose standards of living are above the average  knew how to cover up the existing confusion and they tried to find solutions for the problems which could not be solved, they approached the matter with an understanding of   wholeness, integration.

     There is no doubt that the concept named as ‘’empathy’’ has great contribution to this point.

     However, in the first place the following verse comes along as a warning  when the ones who go beyond their limits, who do not accept the rules have such confused thoughts:-

     When Allah and Allah’s Rasul give their commands  about something, then there is no right of choice, preference in that matter  for a woman  who has faith and for a man who has faith.

     Whoever rebels against Allah and Allah’s Rasul ( who does not apply), then that person has deviated (from the right path) ** turned to  a belief which is obviously y wrong! (Al-Azhap-The Allies/36-Ahmed HULUSİ-Solving the Quran-al Kerim by the Reflections from Allah’s knowledge)****

     As can be understood regarding any matter for which commands have been given, our subjective points of view would  not mean anything and what is valid will be the said command/ decree. In addition to these  it is compulsory to obey the explanations of our Esteemed Master (s.a.v)who is authorized to speak in the name of Allah.

     For those who act  in the opposite way it is stated that many things which are not good are waiting  them.

     It is a fact  that the human being may even have the danger of loosing his faith as a result of not surrendering to his (to our Rasul’s) statements-behaviour, actions.

     Therefore, regarding the subjects which are not suitable, which have no chance of  becoming true it wouldn’t be correct  for an individual to run after his own preferences (the things that he himself  chooses)..

     Now, you belong to the community of a  Nabi-Rasul who has become manifest as a mercy  to the universes and yet, you, at the same time run after marginal types of behaviour and at the same time name yourself as a righteous  (salih) Muslim,but do whatever you like and become  proud of  it.

     In any case ,such an approach has not been seen anywhere in the world.

     When an individual  who accepts himself as a member of a community  does not obey the  social rules,then he will be expelled, excommunicated from there.   Similar to this,  when anyone who accepts himself as a member of Islam becomes stubborn in obeying the rules, then he cannot  be a Muslim and it is possible that he would have to face  an exclusion- a perversion.

     As if the small mistakes that he has made upto now has not been enough, the one who opposes the divine rules will never be forgiven and considering such a thing  is out of  question.

     One should be ashamed of such a situation.

     Those who hear the words of these people and hear about their approaches and who become their followers start  a new trend  which is just flourishing.

     The suffering,  the consequences  for this  would be heavy.

     Moreover, they bring along the conditions which threaten the society and which create a  group that has no belief.

     Just look at  history and see how the geographies of  the nations that perished  have been stirred up,mixed up, combined then you will understand what I mean. In addition to this  you will see that creating ideas without a specific basis and  the extravagance in such a behaviour will be very costly.

     As a matter of fact, the thoughts of a member of  Islam should not be so.  His culture should be in accordance with the Islamic culture and the depths, the basis of this culture should be the Quran and the HAdiths.

     The reason is that the doors which open to the essence and to the future as well are in  there.   For the people there are a lot of    hidden divine reasons  which would be beneficial for them in perceiving  such a principle.

     All we should do is to understand ***The basis for all these is that ***Yeterki,*** we understand Allah’s Rasul and join**connect these to the horizon in front of us.

     This is how it  begins  and it continues in a systematic manner.

     Those who are eager to know him should know that it is impossible to  try to understand him by simple imitation.

     The ones who do the opposite, who want to knock down the system will do everything (all the bad ) to themselves.

     They will be squeezed at some place.

     It should be accepted that one can have the ideas that make him feel better, make him more creative and productive by knowing Allah’s Rasul.

     Meaningless criticisms will be  the   indication of  disasters.

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İstanbul - 22.02.2011