Being able to be aware

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     As we know there is a saying which is not a compliment for others, but  we rather use it as a wish for someone so that s/he would not face  any difficult situations, obstacles, but  have  nice, favorable prospects:-

     ‘’We say deep from the heart  ‘’have favourable, positive days’’.

     However, the heartfelt wish ‘’have fully aware, fully conscious days’’  is more extensive (has a much wider coverage).

Beyond this wish, when we consider the future  we can say that it explains the essence, core of the existence in a much better way.

     All right, then why does one remember  to give such an explanation right at this moment?

     Perhaps, is it because saying ‘’favourable, positive days’’ is  not sufficient?

     PErhaps, it is thought that  in spite of this wish things do not come out as expected.

     Whereas, for the one who can be  fully aware and conscious means to notice lots of  things with respect to the ones who are not aware  (who are neither  awake, aware and fully conscious).

     In actual fact this is not a situation that we encounter much.

     For example, instead of wishing someone ‘’favourable, positive days’’ it may be rather awkward to say ‘’aware, fully conscious days.’’

     However, there are more and more people who prefer this principle.

     The reason is that there is a generalization in the word ‘’favourable, positive’’.

     This is an external wish,  it  means  to have a time  without any problems (accidents) etc, but much material gain.

     Whereas in your attempts to be aware, to be fully conscious there is some internalization such as deciding about your direction, learning about a subject, living and experiencing by  the style you become aware.

     Moreover, such approaches reflect the essence, the core of  the generalization.

     Having become aware is a sign of  having saved oneself from cliché meanings, having saved oneself from being individualistic, and most important of all it is a sign of    people who have internal vastness  and whose lives are turned towards the meaning. (not towards the material world).

     To tell the truth I do not have any difficulty in using this word.

     Being aware is a magical concept which reminds the individual what he should do and for which purpose and how this process will take place ( how it would be realized).

     In the first place those who say ‘ favourable, positive days’’  do not know why they are saying this.

     This is ‘the point’’  which I cannot  understand .

No one says ‘’what is in this wish for being positive and favorable?’’

     At this point the question  that comes to mind is :-

     If, we cannnot establish a strong relation with being positive and favorable in our mind, then this approach remains only as a simple wish, don’t you think so?

     If, we are not able to understand  the whole of   that favourable thing whenever   it is said ‘’favorable, positive days or nights’’, then wouldn’t this word  have a cliché meaning?

     When the situation is so,  then wouldn’t there be disputes regarding  the point of belief and are we going to refuse the principles that we have accepted.

     Then, what is the use of making such a wish ?

     These points are being thought of course!

     However, the ones who say ‘’fully aware and conscious days’’ are bringing an opennes to the meaning more than the material sense and they are warning.

     The one who can notice  can feel this.

     This is the natural process.

     By means of this it is very easy to sense the presence of  various dimensions in a sentence, in a text or  during a certain period in our lives and in a different event that we have to face.

     I would like to refer to this point by giving mystical examples. You can see how different meanings it has;

     You should know that…

     ‘’Allah has created this universe, and brought Adam down from Heaven.

     Adam was a saint  before he  came  down on earth.

     After he  came down to earth Allah has given him nubuwwah (prophethood).

     Whereas nubuwwah is  a proposal.

     Even this world contrary to the akhirat is a place of proposal(s).

     Adam was a Saint there, because it was a place for miracles and observation… Whereas this is a state of sainthood.

     After this our father Adam has become a Saint in his essence until the time his descendants became visible…      When this took place, then he was sent as a Rasul for them and applied Allah’s orders. (Universal Man Vol 2, Other religions and prayers)

     We know that Hz.Adam (a.s) may peace be upon him, has not been expelled from Heaven. He was at the stage of the nafs of mulhimah and he has been down graded to nafs of ammarah, because he did not mind the warning that we know well.  First of all let us make this point clear.

     Hz. ʻAbd al-Karim al-Jili  points out that Hz. Adam was a Saint during this whole process.

     Even if a Saint commits adultery he wouldn’t  loose his degree, so in the above mentioned event it is understood that Hz.Adam has intentionally came down to this dimension, and he has chosen this type of behaviour in order to teach the working rules, principles of the system to those who are dominated by their  desires and wishes who do not care, who are in darkness and amidst problems  and who have dived into the turbulence of the world (worldly affairs).

     It should be known that the ones who have the duty of risalat have the capacity of doing what they wish.

     In such a case, there is nothing negative in what  Hz.Adam has made.

     The explanations made until here may look somewhat different to you, however this is the truth.

     I would like to give another paradigm.

     ‘  The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein praise Him, and there is not a thing but hymneth His praise; but ye understand not their praise.’’ 17/44

     Here, it can be seen openly that the concept ‘’you cannot understand’’ weighs heavier (emphasized much).

     Whereas, this is an approach which is towards the commons.

     However, for the esteemed ones who can evaluate their essence much better, the meaning comes out as ‘’you can understand.

     So, when the one who is fully aware, fully conscious becomes aware of the system and takes into consideration everything properly,  can catch the fine points and in this manner he can go more in depth and evaluate the problem in a more radical way.

     In this manner our system gets saved from the control of  a group that does nothing other than wishing favourable and positive things.

     Therefore, we are saved from being left  out.

     Wasting these opportunites unconsciously, without knowing should not be something logical.

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Ýstanbul - 03.05.2011