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     I must say it beforehand  that we have no personal problem with anyone. Such a thing is cannot be possible.   The reason for this is our belief in that  one, whole being and in relation with this our belief  in the system.

     However, we are fully aware of the fact that  it is a must to deal directly with the problems.  Therefore, from time to time  under these circumstances we are obliged to  make criticisims.

     However, if we behave and share  in accordance with the concept ‘’empathy’’ that we love so much; most probably we would have done a much better thing.

     Perhaps, people will find me prejudiced and criticise me. However, it is in our  nature  to know what is right and talk about it, but  not to become afraid and  remain silent.

     When I look at some of the words that are being said among the people  about knowing  Allah I am asking myself  this question: Are the words that are coming out of their mouths   a result of  lack of knowledge-experience?

     Or, is it because they really believe?

     Or, is it because they are perfect and faultless?

     If, this had not been the case, most probably they wouldn’t be able to put forth such meaningless ideas  and they would never  have the courage to do so.

     PErhaps, all of these are due to lack of knowledge.

     I am thinking that if they had Allah’s knowledge  they wouldn’t have the courage to speak in this manner in public.

     Because, one day   some people may say to them  ‘’You see Allah as the one and only  god  and your thinking is wrong’’

     It is very natural that   the one  who refrains from moving a finger (from making the slightest move) and who does not want to loose the possibilities (the things that he has in hand ) that are available for him  and at the same time the one who does not believe in change  cannot realize such kind of approaches.

     It seems to me that at this point there are things which cannot be understood easily.

     For the approaches that are veiled from Allah, I suggest you to read the masterpiece of Hz. Abd al-Karim al-Jili ’The Perfect Human being’’( The Universal Man).

     Please, believe me that this is a suggestion from a friend and it is the indication of stepping  back from a great big mistake.

     However, at this point of perception it is necessary to answer the following question too;

     Does Allah  only consist of change?

     It is the time to start debating about the idea that considers the absolute being consisting  only  of change every instant.

     The reason is that Hz. Abd al-Karim al-Jili  in the chapter about the revelations says ‘’ Allah’s revelations change all the time, but Allah never changes’’.

     Now, I am asking ‘’why and how do some people either intentionally or without knowing  find within themselves such a legitimate source which justifies such an application’’.

     All right, they can perceive in that manner, but aren’t there any first class people who can evaluate these?

     Yes, there are!  Sure there must be some.  Our people in the upper segment have this consciousness.

     It is certain that in order to make a decision regarding something very important and if you want to know its true aspects, then it will be necessary to know very well the meaning pointed out by the name Allah which  has become so common and used so often by everyone.

     The  corresponding meaning  to the said concept is ‘’Ahad’’*,   when it gets just a little bit outwards, then it is named as ‘’Nothing, nothingness’’ and its reflection to the zaqhir/the visible realm is the ‘’Point’’ which is the dimension of the  al-Asma, the beautiful names of Allah

     The first singular, one structure that will become manifest from the point  is referred to by the decree ‘’in a new state every instant’’.

     In this manner these points become more clear.

As a result it is possible for us to express  the following:

‘’Allah does not change, (Allah never changes)it is Allah’s revelations that change.

     Before this information  formes a firm foundation/ basis in our minds when we use this command ‘’Allah is in a new state every instant’’, in the form of   ‘’yesterday it was so and today it is like this’’ just as we like it and if we try to describe Allah in this manner, then we would  cause a  terrible mistake.

     This would mean the  seizure of  what is pointed out by the name Allah and the burden(the price to be paid for this) for this would be great.


**Ahad: literally "one." Islamically, ahad means One Alone, unique, none like God. Al-Wahid is one

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Ýstanbul - 17.05.2011