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     We are very talented in leaving things incomplete even though they are simple and can be finalised without doubt. Regarding this point no one can compete with us. It seems that from now on we shall be spending most of our time with such arguments as they give us much pleasure.

     Whereas, there are some subjects which are of vital importance, need a firm decision which cannot wait. However, it doesn’t seem appropriate to argue about these problems in pleasant circumstances where there is much humour and laughter. The reason is that it cannot suit (answer) the expectations as it requires high quality, calm, serene, lively, civilized and cultured performances.

     The subject that I am talking about is euthanasia, to take the patients off life support.

     This subject is not that simple. Some say they should be taken off life support as it is not right to make a patient suffer so much. Some say ‘’Yes, they should be taken off life support, but the decision should be left to the patient himself and the relatives should not interfere. Whereas some others state their opinions as‘’ the decision should be made only by the doctors and applied accordingly’’.

     However, there is another aspect regarding this matter. What if the patient is not conscious and in a state of coma?

     Actually, Freud had died by the help of some morphine as he couldn’t beat cancer, but this is a more different choice still ending up with the same result.

     So, everyone has a different opinion on the subject.

*****The worrisome point is that if the subjective decisions spread all over the society and lead to an understanding without any basis become dominating.****When the subjective decisions spread all over and an understanding that has no basis becomes dominating ***

     Whereas,regarding such subjects it should be important to direct ourselves towards (to refer to ) the rules of mysticism as it is a life style which defends the continuation of the right and the wrong. This is important for making the matter more clear.

     During the last few days I have in mind some images, symbols that are associated with this point.

     As far as I can understand mysticism definitely prohibits the human being to end his own life and considers such an act as a suicide as stated by the rules. (The reason is that the patient in a vegetative state receives the input. His perception functions well, but there is no response, no output. I have stated this to mean that the patient cannot respond by voice. Actually, there is output, but unbfortunately we cannot perceive that. It is possible to say the same thing for a dead person. He can hear the conversations and responds (answers), but not by voice but as a wave structure. Our limited brains cannot convert these incoming messages. Among the senses of the dead individual the ear is the last one to close. Therefore, Allah’s Rasul (SAW) states that we should suggest to a dying person ‘’La ilahe illallah’’. This suggestion process should be taken into consideration from the point of input too).

     The suffering that the patient has in this life is accepted as a compensation for the torments that he’ll have in the afterlife. If, he doesn’t endure such a suffering in this world, then he’ll most probably be paying for it in the afterlife thousands of times more. Meanwile, if the patient is not conscious and his family is attempting to take him off life support, then in my opinion they are not aware of what they are doing. As for the doctors their thinking is one sided and they are left only at the biological phase. They do not want to interfere in this matter.

     Personally, I think that the process of taking a patient off life support is ‘’an early decision made for migration’’.

     The similar situation is valid for organ transplantation as well. Perhaps, the deceased wouldn’t have preferred to give one of his organs. It is especially very interesting and nonsense for the family to decide for this matter.

     While I was abroad, during a conversation different thesis regarding this subject were put forth. I presented my opinion very modestly and rather hesitatingly. .

     When I returned to my country I saw the following news in Haberturk (the daily newspaper).

     The heading was –:

     SAM SCHMID CREATES A MIRACLE! Returns to life when life support is about to be taken off.

     The young man following the traffic accident in Arizona three months ago was put on life support due to brain damage. He awakened before being taken off life support.

     Sam Schmid, following the traffic accident he had in Tucson/Arizona-USA had a serious brain damage and the doctors declared him as brain dead. However, he awakened miraculously only hours before he was taken off life support. During the three months following the accident he had on October 19th all kinds of medical support was given, but there was no hope of life. His family was consulted for organ donation, but the recovery of Schmid made his family extremely happy. Now, during the recovery period Schmid declares that he is living his second life.

     Now, when we witness the real life events I can see that the things that I have expressed were appropriate and to the point.


(Translated by: NEVİN KİRTETEPE)

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İstanbul - 04.01.2012