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     It is possible to talk about the dimension of a collective unconscious, which the society shares, as well as the unconscious that the individuals have.

     Among the unconscious values, we can count the following events, such as, finishing the school, performing the military service, opening a business, getting married, having children, going on a vacation, doing exercise, celebrating birthdays, entertaining a guest,  being a friend and the similar.

     In addition to these, among the activities (in the collective unconscious) it is also possible to place especially the headscarves and the minarets which have become a symbol for the world of belief.

     In the minds of  the people the unconscious is decorated (filled) with all these common values that I have mentioned.

     Moreover, if a person is talking about this, then you have to stop and pay attention to “what he is saying” and think what he is talking about.

     For instance, handshaking moreover hugging are also humanly features, which are imbedded in our unconscious. An individual performs this action in the most civilized way. During the handshaking process if, one of the individuals doesn’t give his or her hand and refuses to shake hands, then this attempt will make the other person quite upset. That person feels as if he has been left out empty handed. He is filled with an indescribable sorrow. It takes time to ease this pain.

     This type of action is not also welcomed or tolerated within the society. One who does it (who refuses to give his hand) unexpectedly faces a strong reaction. Such an attitude is not something to be forgiven or forgotten easily.

     We also witness similar activities in the field of sports. The joy of scoring a goal is experienced collectively in the collective unconscious of  the whole team. They don’t let the scorer to have the pleasure all by himself. The footballers gather together with joy and they embrace each other so closely that it seems as if all the players  have become one. The audience also becomes a part of this. Whether they know each other or not they feel very close and share the joy together. Honestly, they create a scene worth seeing. On the other hand, it is also possible to see that the referee gives a punishment to  those who exaggerate the demonstration of joy.

     For example, can you imagine, if these moments of joy were forbidden, it would definitely be considered strange and it would create an odd situation. The players would have no desire to play nor would there be any excitement for the  competition. There would be no  synergy, no sense of belongingness and  togetherness. In addition to these the players would lose the support that comes from the collective unconscious of the team. Thus no one would expect the players to dedicate themselves to the competiton and work heartily.

     These strange and odd cases that have been mentioned above are also seen in the mystical areas.

     Imagine a Muslim going to a mosque, five times regulary everyday.

     If, he sees that the minaret of the mosque is demolished and it is no longer there, then he would fall (feel himself) in a vacuum to such an extent that he would lose his concentration. The reason is that  the minaret exists in the codes of the unconscious mind.

     If he saw the minaret (of the mosque) demolished, and gone forever, he would fall in a vacuum, and almost loose his concentration due to the existence of all the codes in his unconscious.

     The similar situation occurs also in the case of being covered (for religious purposes).

     When a person lives all through her life with her head covered with a scarf, then taking off the scarf, as a result of some pressure would create a strange, an odd situation for her and for those who know her.

     This leads us  automatically to wonder what is the reason for being so inconsiderate and what is the use for it?

     If this goes out of control and causes people to lose their patience, then what will be the consequences?

     It should never be forgotten that if the present society shows a tendency towards violence, this time a completely different reality will have to be confronted.

     The collective unconscious of the society is filled with many serious and realistic values like the ones that we have mentioned above. We can say that having no values or losing them will affect the structure of the brain negatively and even lock it up.

     As we know, people are categorized in various groups.

     Based on these, whether it is done knowingly or not, these preventions cause nothing but a turbulence in a healthy (social) life (they turn people’s lives up side down).

     The mentality which forces women to cover their heads or takes away the right to cover their heads by using force, which decides that the minarets are no longer necessary and asks for their destruction, has never understood  the real value of the human beings (never appreciated them). Such individuals  (having this type of mentality) don’t know anything about the pathologic conditions that these people may face in return. They think that it is their talent or their accomplishment to be disrespectful to the lives of these people by creating obstacles for them.

     Yes, covering the head is a divine command. However,  a Muslim woman who doesn’t cover her head practices and fulfills the religious duties as much as the other one (who covers her head). However, without any logical reason, putting restrictions to those who prefer covering their heads cannot be considered as a sensible behaviour. The reason is, this type of approach may not mean anything to you but (by placing restrictions to her life) her purpose in life, the objective of her life  would be violated.

     As for the recent execution of the decision about the demolishing of a minaret in Switzerland; it is not a correct approach at all to  make alterations in  the house of Allah for only arbitrary reasons. If, a minaret is considered to be a sacred place in religion, which is totally true, then in that case, it is a must to know how to treat this structure respectfully.

     Playing with people’s beliefs is not a proper behaviour.

     It is also possible to say the same thing about the churches too.

     To cut it short, I believe that one shouldn’t create the situations that would disturb people’s lives or put them in an awkward position moreover, one should never touch the things that people consider sacred, briefly speaking there is no need to be tactless.

     Otherwise, according to the warning :- “Every person gets the results of  everything that he has done, his deeds!”; in the most unexpected and unpredictable moment (which one could never think of), it would be inevitable for those  to get the same strange feeling or find oneself in an awkward situation.

     Moreover, keep it in mind that the damage would be more than what you have expected, because the system, whether directly  or indirectly works in this way.

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İstanbul - 14.06.2011