IT is necessary to define being powerless

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     In the religion there is a behaviour type named as wasting (wasteful behaviour).

     This means to waste the abundant values that one has in hand.

     See what the Qur’an says about this:

     ‘’… Eat, drink (make well use of  these) do not waste  (do not use them  needlessly)…  Because, Allah does not like those who are  wasteful  (the ones who use the blessings that they have in hand extravagantly for needless purposes)’’(Al-A’raf (The Elevated Places)-31)

     This approach can be interpreted as follows:-

     For example, to cook too much food and to throw away what is left over  is   wasting.  However,  the real wasting  is  to eat too much, to fill up the stomach, thus upset  the healthy diet and keep the brain busy with the food all the time. This  makes the brain  to stay away from its special working conditions.  Moreover, there is a warning that says ‘’do not use anything for needless purposes’’.

     This is how we should understand being wasteful.  When this fundamental point cannot be understood very well by the individual and when (by the exact meaning of the word) the brain power is wasted, then this  is a sign of being powerless.

     It shouldn’t be forgotten that extravagance in  eating and drinking does not help anything else other than giving one the pleasure of  eating, pleasing  the taste buds.  Turning the body into a  sack full of fat (becoming obese, plump, overweight) is not something clever.

     We are reading from the papers  and watching from the tv channels the things that happen  to the people in the slimming centers.

     Of course, we can place in this group the ones who still continue with their habits of  smoking and drinking. It is needless to say that how such obsessions make the people become older and bring along the physical weaknesses and illnesses.

     This is confirmed by the inability to quit drinking and especially smoking even though people try hard to do so.

     Sex is somewhat similar to this. Today,we are witnessing people  who cannot live without sex, but who become nervous and upset because they cannot  establish healthy relations, moreover who almost loose their lives as a result of these.

     Even Hz. Adam has been expelled from heaven because of  this.

     The  things which describe being powerless are not only these!

     In order to describe the powerlessness of the individual it is suggested to perform the salat in groups.   Another  form is people coming together  and  doing  the prayers all together.

     Just observe the people around!

     In our society there are good willed parents who work very hard day and night (as if it is their duty) to prepare  a good and secure future future for their children. They are trying so hard and spending so much effort that they become exhausted to the point of almost killing themselves.

     This is the principle in almost every country. However, upto a certain extent it brings along the mentality to receive, to acquire things without spending any effort.  The desire  (of the parents) to create an opportunity (for their children) prevents the children from standing on their own two feet and from spending  the necessary  effort.

     What will happen when the parents pass away? All of  these will be forgotten.

     This culture (this kind of understanding) should be changed.

     Moreover, this point does not match the philosophy of existence which mainly deals with knowing one’s origin.

     Of course, the types of being powerless are not limited only with this.

     For example, when the friends meet    one of them joins the conversations even if he does not know anything about the subject  and behaves as if he knows all and tries to hide his insufficency.  Such kind of behaviour is the outcome of  his being powerless.

     However, when the situation changes and one has to start an action along with  receiving information, then the said person who lacks power, but who does not show  this deficiency may be left in a very difficult position.  The problem cannot be solved (it seems as if there is a dead end) and from then on his real status  becomes visible. (It becomes obvious that the said individual does not know anything.)

     Along with this the individuals who are full of  hatred and anger cannot deal with (control) these  feelings. Whereas they should be  strong  (al qawi-the most strong) and firm (al mateen-the firm one).   Therefore, they are classified among the people who lack power and named as powerless.

     There are also people among us who try to repress the flood of anger within them when some others make fun of them and try to knock them down by their words. Such people put on ‘’a smiling, pleasant look’’ and they try to repress the flood of  anger within.

     Yes, the brain is honest and it is aware of all what it is doing. However, for the brain it is hard to  deal with the neuron activities that come out of  the flesh and bone body.  This is due to not being able to read /understand/perceive) the system.

     Although this situation is expressed by the honesty  (of the brain) in actual fact it is the open expression of  the brain’s lack of power.

     It is certain that the individual who has a body centered life is condemned to being powerless in terms of his mentality (in his mind).  In order to save himself from this situation he has to go through a change/transformation.  He has to apply the divine rules-the pillars (such as performing the salaat, fasting and dhikr) exactly as they are recommended  or more  and along with this he has to have a strong will power (he has to be in full control of himself).

     If not, he remains at the above mentioned level and condemned to continue his life  there.

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İstanbul - 04.02.2011