The Modern Muslim Individual

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     The opportunities that modernity provides draw the individuals closer to the world (worldly things);     on the one hand they promise hopes  for the future, but  on the other hand they become frightening.

     Based on this perspective, we shall  analyze how a modern Muslim should be and try to underline the points that should be explained, clarified.

     I should mention in advance that if, we say ‘’the individual who has this attribute is open to renewal, innovations, tries to be productive, has considerable experience in life and these become significant in his undertakings’’, then,  perhaps we would have described him a little.

     As a matter of fact, I don’t think there is any harm in saying what should  be said last now here at the beginning. According to a classical Muslim person, the idea  of “being modern” is an illusion and furthermore it is a sign of deviance.

     A Modern Muslim on the other hand, doesn’t give any credit to this idea. He doesn’t have these types of doubts in him.

     He takes his place in the world of subtle,elegant, refined world of progress that makes the human a true human being;  he makes people happy and , makes, stimulates the power of dreaming to become exuberant.

     The modern muslim does not keep himself busy with his memories, but instead he aims for and fixes his eyes to the level of Allah from the level of the human (where he is now). S/he can achieve this by means of Makarim al-akhlaq***(thinking and behaving like Allah  which is universal thinking and behaving)  through which all the dimensions of Allah are perceived and which is  defined,named as a paradigm of akhlaq.

     However, it is not possible for an ignorant one to become a distinguished Muslim as mentioned above!

     Is a Modern Muslim  someone who is “educated, sophisticated and knowledgeable?” The answer to this question would be given as “he is the one who has assimilated all his knowledge, who is able to apply this to his life and who is able to protect himself from his environment (especially the people).” One who has acquired these attributes  also has to grasp, perceive things  and be flexible enough to  accept radical changes.

     It should be admitted that he, instead of living the religion with fear tries much to bring the religion  closer to the scientific level.

     He is immediately noticed with his perspective peculiar to himself, because he is a person who keeps  his promises,  his evaluations are firm (he never rejects them), and he has a strong will power. Moreover he doesn’t make fuss about anything; on the contrary, he draws attention with his charming, loving attitude.

     It is necessary to mention one thing here as a detail that can come to our minds. A contemporary religious person has a strong personality which becomes a symbol, an icon. Nevertheless, despite the fact that he accepts all sorts of will power, he is not restricted, limited  by any of  them, thus  he has the attribute  of the absolute will-power.

     Briefly, he doesn’t prefer to be on the forefront in his daily life or he doesn’t boast about his past. His primary characteristic is that he doesn’t have any needs.

     He keeps his character and his nature under control. He is not like those who show off their belongings with a big pride. He lives in accordance with the requirements, principles  stated in the qudsi hadith “They are under my cover” states.These are his principles in life.

     If, he is consulted on the Islamic matters that need to be clarified or to be resolved, then he can reveal himself to a certain extent by means of his explanations that are given with the hope of some tolerance in return.

     Modern Muslims are human beings who cover the matter while they are explaining it and who unfold it when others think they are hiding it.

     As we come to the conclusion, the points we have covered above have to be taken into consideration thoroughly in order to understand the  modern religious person of  today and most important of all, we can say it is mandatory to do this in order to wipe out the concept of “Classical Islam” in our minds.

     On the other hand, it won’t be appropriate to expect some people to make a choice between Modern versus Classical Muslim;    because these people  from morning till night and during all the hours of the day  have indulged themselves in the worldly life and did not think about anything else apart from the worldly pleasures.  They have made friends who had the same mentality;   their wishes and desires have always been at the forefront and they haven’t been remotely interested in the philosophical side of Islam. However, in spite of all these they were speaking continuously about religion-faith and belief.

     We have to perceive  this simple fact and put it forth for consideration

*****Akhlaq: The plural of ‘’Khulq’’ in Arabic;   natures, dispositions, manners, the practice of virtue, morals

Makārim al-akhlāq : noble qualities of character. The beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallāhu alayhi wa Sallam demonstrated noble character to perfection

The above are the dictionary meanings  for this statement.  However, we can say Mekarim-I Akhlaq is   the Universal thinking, behaviour,  that is thinking and behaving like Allah

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