Re-discovery of the human being

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     In our lives an error, a shift (from the right path)  can bring along such enormous mistakes that there will be no compensation for it later during the rest our lives. This fact also indicates that an ordinary man cannot think properly unless he goes through a certain education/training.

     Besides, it attracts our attention that the one who has only a little bit of knowledge, instead of increasing his knowledge and capacity to a higher level, gives speeches here and there and his words are superficial, not well thought and really on the surface. Moreover, it is quite noticeable that the same person especially wants to continue with  his existing prejudices. Such people prefer to be remembered (to become fixed) in our minds in this manner.

     The truth is, those who cannot see ahead are inevitably get drowned in the mistakes.

     There is no doubt about this.

     So, what needs to be done in this case?

     Either to think that a change is a must and be determined about this, work on it hard,  sleep less, get no rest and spend time on examining the chosen subjects to such an extent that your life becomes miserable OR to enjoy yourself day and night and be passive by saying and accepting  ‘that is Allah’s will/judgment’ and choose this type of life.

     However, due to being passive (ineffective)  it is also possible to become old more quickly,  to become a neurotic, angry and an exhausted type of person and therefore harm the people  around you

     Without  doubt, people get to the tragic points in this manner.

     The logical choice would be to gather yourself together and throw yourself into the comforting arms of a person whose thoughts and philosophy you like and whom  you can trust as well.

     Since you cannot cope with your own problems and you do not have enough self confidence  this is the right thing to do.

     For this reason, you spend your days next to the person that you see as your idol, ask him/her about what’s in your mind and with the answers you get, you can switch to a more content (happy) life.

     From time to time  you find a way to chat with your new friends and you may discuss “how valuable your guide/mentor is as a person”.

     Now, you are on the safe ground, nothing can get to you or harm you.

     The reason is, all your endeavors have now been transformed into a system.

     This path is necessary (valid) to reach your goal.

     Especially, when you  get a chance to come together with the less experienced newcomers and exchange thoughts and ideas, then there is nothing more pleasing  for you. You cannot conceive of anything better.

     You can shake your surroundings as much as only few people can do.

     You have now learned  how and where you should live/put into practice (your knowledge) how you should make friends, how you should  behave and act in public.

     Moreover, thinking that you are good enough you even have started to educate those who newly joined the group, because you have taken (learned) this approach from a “wise person” who has been teaching how to have the right style (how to get the right manners), briefly teaching the rules of getting accepted.

     I agree with you up to this point.

     However, there are also conditions where we have a conflict.

     These are:

     Although I find the concept of “educator” quite necessary and believe in the benefits of its systematic structure, I also get irritated as much  by the notion of becoming a person “who gives life or able to support life (able to make one survive) ” since the beginning.

     I am not against the thought of helping people to get through the difficulties in their lives,setting them free from their vicious circles by a new and objective look. I am even in favor of  listening at times and  even giving  advice to them from time to time and in this manner causing a change in their lives and sharing this procedure.

     What I am against is those people who pretend to be “the educator” even though they are not capable, moreover I am against the fact that they are able to convince others that they can reflect the truth of life.

     However, this is not the case!

     Here, I despise the ones who act like saints, but who cannot even contribute to (help)  their own marginal lives, who get twisted and confused when confronting problems and who find themselves in dilemmas  and yet give the image of a leader.

     Personally, with all my patience I am looking forward to seeing them getting released from this dead end. Otherwise, I have a very strong feeling that they will end up with a huge failure.

     This presumption is not only mine, but it is also the most obvious and important indicator  of a widely common perception.

     In my opinion, those who choose to be on this path, in the first place  should do anything they can and have a deep look  into their own lives and carefully examine it. After that, they should put everything into its right place, and  continue their journey (on this path).

     They cannot continue by pretending that nothing has happened.

     It is so ironic (strange) to see how these people who do not have the courage to confront their inner wounds,  dare to engage in this act (of becoming an educator- mentor for the others).

     The reason is they don’t notice that they are actually messing up (playing) with the newcomers’ lives. They don’t have the slightest clue about what they can do in case of any possible failure (problem) that might occur in the future. This situation occurs as a result of their blindness.

     Anyhow, in the end, no matter what we say, this is their life. However, my only concern is, they (the so-called educators) will make those  whom they think they are educating like themselves.  When there is the chance  to attain the true knowledge, to identify yourself with the one who has the desired life style (who has put the knowledge into practice fully), then  what is there to say for those who put themselves into this situation even if it happens unwillingly ?

     It wouldn’t be appropriate, at least, for human beings to mix these up  and get out of it.

     Whereas, a human being does not  cross over his boundaries and knows how far he should go.

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İstanbul - 10.02.2011