To be Able to Solve the Metaphors

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I have written this article being conscious of the fact that the metaphors cannot be solved as our thought system is generally based on the old. Therefore, I wanted to make a reminder to the reader about this missing point.

Yes, we always speak about the metaphors/symbols, but we never think about what they are and what is expressed by them. Whatever has been said upto now are only the repetitions. So, repeating the repetition does not give one anything and it doesn’t make it possible to pass beyond mere chatter while the concepts that are being used point out multiple meanings.

What is desired is to be able to decipher them and understand their contents.

Let us give examples!

For the creation (genesis) the Bible says ‘’The Lord, his light and darkness…’’. These concepts point out the ‘’Quantum Potential’’ , the existence of knowledge/data, as well as the changes and the transformations.

The brain is the nano form of the macro brain in the universe. During the performance of the salat the qýyam (standing position) refers to knowing one’s existence has been formed by the existence of the Quantum potential. Nothing is manifest by the statement ‘’Bismillah’’.

There are continous transformations in the Quantum potential – ar Rahman-.* These transformations are realized by the name ar-Rahim.**

In sufism the Quantum potential is known as ‘’Wahdat-al-Shuhud’’ (Witness of Oneness), because in the Quantum potential the knowledge is evaluated within itself. That is the data packagesone another by the power of observation within the Quantum potential.

In the One named as the brain there is no faith, nor anything as heaven or hell. In the brain there is no inzal (dimensional manifestation, reaching the conscious from the dimension of names) nor irsal (the image of Allah’S knowledge that has become manifest).

It is useless to search for confusions in the brain. In the One named as the brain there cannot be any input or output. If, there had been the concept of SAMAD*** couldn’t be explained. Moreover, in the brain there is no place for the concepts such as ‘’What?’’, ‘’How?’’ and ‘’Why?’’.

Miraj (ascension) is the individual’s perception that he does not have any existence and perceiving that the only thing that exists is the attributes of the names (al Asma) which is the Quantum potential.

Hamd (appraisal, evaluation) as well is the data packages converting one another in the Quantum potential.

Ruku (a posture during the performance of the salat; inclination of the head with the palms of the hands resting on the knees) is to DETERMINE and accept the quantum potential within the field of awareness.

Sajda ( during the performance of salat the position where the individual’s forehead touches the ground) is passing over to the Quantum dimension ( I have verbalized these as a result of perception). All of these explanations will become more clear in the light of the brain’s functioning system and the Quantum potential.

The understanding of tanzih which is used frequently in mysticism points directly to the Quantum potential, because the One that is Subhan cannot be described nor limited. So, the one that cannot be limited cannot be considered as being beyond. Naturally, tanzih cannot be made. Thasbih is towards the concrete (please, pay attention its name is alreday thasbih).

The ONE whose name is the brain exists for observing.

I would like to draw your attention the fact that the sub-atomic particles do not have antiparticles (opposites) as declared by the leaders of the modern physics. Naturally, the statement ‘’everything carries its opposite within it is wrong’’, because there is only one dimension. In this respect as Master Ahmed Hulusi has stated even the single frame Picture is a metaphor. This statement is valid even for the one named as the INSTANT.

This was the point which Mawlana, Muhyiddin Ibni Arabi, Hadjý Bektash Wali and Yunus Emre wanted to express. However, the prevailing conditions at the time, in other words the science and o explanations which is very natural and normal.

The point we have reached now is that the science and the religion are supporting the same reality. To put it more correctly science is explaining openly the metaphorical concepts. However, if you are still understanding the religion by the statements that have been left in the past, then this means that you are unable to pass over to the dimension inherent within the concepts.

Dear Readers! The One who has started the movement of change/ transformation is obvious. I have made these simple explanations which are so little in proportion to the whole for the purpose of making an approach to the system that he wants to explain.

These are my humble explanations.

The reality is that it is a must to forget about yesterday in order to express, write and live different things at different times and to start acting by creating a deep field of questioning without leaving this concept on paper. These cannot be attained easily.

It is a must to be released from the limitations of the past and determine the objective as it is the same in every field. You, too can find this possibility within yourself.

What I have noticed is that the process of renewal starts by attaining ‘’the secret of awareness’’ and leaving behind the old (While the data is processed it is necessary to make a scan in the existing data base to end up with the manifestation of awareness).

I state that if you had only known you would never find it necessary to turn and look back again.

*ar-Rahman : One of the 99 names of Allah. All things obtain their existence at the level of knowledge and by the attributes denoted by this name.

**ar-Rahim: One of the 99 names of Allah where Hu observes himself through the forms of existence.

***as - Samad : The Pure Whole One, without concepts, without any limits

****Tanzih is translated literally as ‘’to declare something as pure and free of something else. The creator cannot be compared to the creation.

*****Tashbih ; the literal meaning is to declare something similar to something else, closeness.

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