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     The punishment for not being able to learn is to be labelled as “ignorant’’ by the society. The reason is that the knowledge coming from the essence flows over these people (like water) who are characterized as “retarded’’.  The ignorant people have no relation with assimilating the information or evaluating it. This is the result of an approach that can be described as “saying totally pointless words for the sake of having said something’’.

     A person who (always) says “I know it” is also considered more or less to be in this group, because satisfying one’s ego is not welcomed among the people. Through the learning process, it is vital that knowledge, even if just a little, has to be applied to one’s life, put into practice or else it won’t look natural.

     Those who exchange knowledge, have the right to know the truth.

This talent and capacity by utilizing all of his energy has to reflect this to the environment (the people around).

     A training/teaching process which is based on the conflict of interests/ fighting for one’s own benefit, is the fruit (result) of a being, a self which serves its own ego.

     Such manners do not correspond to the requirements that are only valid for the human beings.

     However, while speaking about training/teaching, we should also emphasize the other factors which lack this ability. It is considerably important to know them to be able to grasp their meanings and characters.

     The life of a trainee/learner is full of sufferings. The one who wants to have some knowledge behaves impatiently. When he doesn’t understand, he treats his teacher/trainer as a target board. Knowledge may sometimes bring snobbish manners or an overload which cannot be assimilated. Despite all the things and all the positive approaches, the learner still blames the teacher for his inconsistencies and becomes rude.

     His consciousness is occupied with this thought. He does not have self confidence, therefore he cannot notice the hatred he feels towards his trainer at the beginning. The only things that can nurture him are the proofs (arguments) that will legitimize his purpose. Thus, he has stepped into a period during which he will eventually loose his self esteem.

     He never remembers these words of Hz. AliI will be the servant of the person who teaches me a word for forty years.

     Therefore, such people as they take place in the dimension for the ungrateful ones look at the subjects we have mentioned above with a disdainful expression and curl their lips (they show displeasure and look down on the subjects).

     The one who cannot assimilate the information/the knowledge becomes ugly. Instead of discussing about a subject and thinking deeply over it he chooses to repeat the things he has memorized. Those who know-experience the non-existence watch him with disapproval during the times he says “This is enough, I am also young!” or claims “I have the right to see daylight too! (to relax and have fun).”

     Besides, the way to learn and become a human being takes some time and it is necessary to go through certain filters (to become refined). Becoming a profound and deep person can only be possible like this.

     In the end, it is a virtue to notice and realize our deficiencies (what is lacking in us) and our faults.

     If, the ones who do not learn certain types of behaviour, manners and how to behave (during their training), then the more they learn the more they get vulgar or impolite, rude. They always spill out (the things that are lacking can easily be seen).  In such a state of mind they become scared of going through a transformation. The reason is that they are afraid to loose this artificial qualification.

     If, “they do want to realize certain things’’ they have to look around and follow the path that the successful ones have chosen.  The reason is that we cannot underestimate having the knowledge for enlightenment, producing knowledge and ideas.

     However, the learning process almost stops when there is no stability and when the sexual preferences are becoming functional.

     Not being able to comprehend or grasp is closely related with (one’s) potentially available capacity and (his) ability to use it (aptitude and talent). The salvation as well as the destruction of all the mankind starts and ends with this. The outcome of the aptitude is to easily seize the purpose of one’s existence. If there is no aptitude, the talent is useless.

     A teacher has to have some important attributes; a great trainer becomes significant with the way he stands, his tone of voice and his humanistic approaches. While he gives some information he also reflects his virtues.

     Moreover, at the proper time and place he has to give this knowledge   continuously, without getting tired to the ones he is training in a kind manner.

     The trainer has to avoid giving short term messages, has to hide the ecstasy of Wahdat/the life of oneness, and should never be involved in a vagabond life.

     The trainer, while deciding about the value and the appreciation that a human being deserves, has to take into consideration the attributes that are important for him and he has to associate them with his student. The reason is that none of the teachers consider passing away from this world without leaving behind someone whom he has trained.

     The performances of some trainers, teachers are satisfactory.  They choose the ones among the members of the society who have a suitable formation for learning, for getting educated. They do this (so delicately and carefully that) it seems as if they are using tweezers  for picking them out. Nevertheless, no matter how hard they try, they cannot manage to change their fitrat (the individual’s own programme of creation).

     This matter is Allah’s decree. (This matter is within Allah’s judgement).

     What they have been doing is only to teach, transfer (to their students) the basic principles.

     It is certain that a person who has common sense, in the first place wants to learn in order to maintain his self respect and to have self confidence.  Following this, he wants to teach, wants to be considered successful, to be respected, to be listened to/ to be obeyed, briefly he wants to be valued and to become important in the society.

     All these qualifications are specific for our time and for all times as well. They are also valid for those who have completed their invisible, internal aspect  (batin) and who are now living the zaqhir, the visible, external realm.

     The reason is, the invisible, internal and the visible, external are equal (at the same level).

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Ýstanbul - 06.04.2011