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Türkçe okumak için týklayýnýz...

     Due to the changes, (I am speaking in astrological terms that the world is now under the influence of the sun sign ‘’Aquarius’’.  This means new developments and expansions will start to take place in the individuals) especially in mysticism, as well as in every subject, there have been considerably remarkable developments.

     What is foreign to you is the scientific approach and you have difficulty in finding out its connections  or you have a hard time evaluating. And it is going to continue in this manner  from now on too. This restructuring, this movement comes from the essence.

     I have been supporting and defending these as the strongest evidence.

     Briefly, this carries a divine meaning. This is truly a blessing to the world of humanity. Even if you want so, this new formation cannot be disrupted, prevented or stopped. It will run over and destroy those who want to stop it.

     Perhaps you are aware of it, the fact that the people are heading towards  the new age as of the 21st century is also reflected in the mystical dimension. Now, by means of a great change, by means of  the positive science it has become possible  to comprehend the Qur’an and the Hadiths that were previously explained by  metaphors and symbols and this transformation is inevitable.

     It is obvious that, in the old times, it was not possible to tell or explain some matters. Therefore,  by taking this fact (difficulty)into consideration  and in order not to create some uncertainty  it was more appropriate to try to describe  and explain the matters by using metaphors and symbols.

     So,  this  was applied.

     For instance, what was once called the“spirit/the soul”  can now be  described as energy. Such subjects that were covered up in the old days  can now be explained more clearly, because science can reach out to that point.

     The most important phase (progress) of this renewal is that the essence of the human is based on the qualities that the name  Allah points out.

     What lies beneath all these facts is such a consciousness.

     While stepping into this process of renewal and in the light of the information we have in our hands, it is necessary to evaluate all these matters with utmost care. Otherwise, everything that has been said remains ambiguous and will have no effect on us.

     It should  be known that the transformations,changes along with the technological developments might also cause meaningless denials, deviations or eruptions. Those who are in denial cannot even understand that they don’t know what mysticism expects from them.

     The truth, the reality that shouldn’t be forgotten is that such  groups causing trouble by their threatening behaviours have always existed throughout the history. Unfortunately, the facts also prove this to be right.

     The ones who do not have anything to loose make relentless criticisms about  the  renewal, the change, so it would be enough to say the following  to them:-

     If our Rasul of Allah (s.a.v.) had not said  “During the times closer to the doomsday, the Sun will rise from the West” may be, you would be right. However, in the content of this Hadith, the doomsday refers to the end of  a generation. The reason is, Allah’s Rasul also once said “Allah created a hundred (different) generations of Adam(s)”. If we need to summarize this subject, the doomsday mentioned above, has no relation  with the doomsday of our Solar System. It is going to happen 4.5 billion years later. The Sun will be pulled by “eight big angels” and it will surround the earth.

     If our Rasul (s.a.v) is giving explanations that are closely correlated to each other, then isn’t it necessary to think what he really means by his former statement about the doomsday?

     Isn’t this approach totally metaphorical?

     Nowadays would it have been possible to decode the metaphors in the light of the positive sciences? Moreover, could the hand of science possibly become so powerful?

     So, what do you think?

     The reason for the white colour of the snow is that the small crystals reflect and refract the light. As this happens within a system; similary having different types of doomsdays also occur as a result of the systems.

     It is expected that whoever thinks of using our Rasul of  Allah’s  (s.a.v.) name and his quotes, shouldn’t overlook these changes(transformations).

     Therefore, instead of coming up with burning desires that have no foundation  the only thing that should be done is to accept the fresh,new information that is put in front of us (I’m talking about the positive science), try to comprehend it and later on apply it to the life style (put into practice).

     For this reason, set up your antennas right away, consider and evaluate the movements and the points of view for renewal. Afterwards, see what kind of differences will occur in the way you perceive the  “Religion” !

     When you realize this, you will be truly amazed.

     It shouldn’t be forgotten that Mysticism is a system. It does not include any nostalgic thoughts or romantic feelings. Being emotional is not compatible with Islam. Whereas what we call the system is the space  that we live in. Human beings can grasp the changes only by their consciousness,thus they can get into the cosmic details,they can decipher and perceive them.

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Ýstanbul - 15.03.2011