The Chapter of  The Traducer (Al Humazah) has descended in Mecca following the chapter of  Al-Qýyamah (The Rising of  the dead) and  consists of nine verses.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, (In the name of  Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful)

1-2 Woe unto every slandering traducer (who has made a habit of  talking behind the backs and ridiculing to the faces).  That person  has gathered the wealth of this world and all the time he has counted and arranged it.

3. He thinks that they (his wealth and his possessions) will make him immortal

4. Nay, but verily he will be flung to the consuming one (Hutamah).

5.Ah! Do you know what the Consuming One/ Hutamah is?

6-7.It is the fire of  Allah,  and as it burns it climbs over  the hearts of men.

8-9. They have been tied to the columns stretched out into the fire and the fire is closed onto them.

The word ‘’humazah’’ means to traduce both with the tongue and the eye, whereas ‘’lumazah’’ is to traduce only by  the tongue; which is to ridicule and to make fun of  the people and to try to show that they have some deficiencies, weaknesses.

Ibn Abbas says :

‘’Humazah is the one  who  traduces  with the tongue and ridicules against the face;  that means the one who  criticises and attacks with the words.’’

Whereas,  Ibn Enes says ‘’The word humazah is to ridicule by   the facial expressions and  lumazah is the following stage.

Katade says ‘’HE mocks by the tongue and the eye, eats the meat of  the people and attacks them’’

Mucahid says ‘’Humazah is done with the hand and the eye’’, wheras Lumazah is done with the tongue.

Ibn Zeyd  also says the same.

Malik narrates from Ibn Elsem ‘’The word humazah means to  pull out  the meat of  the people ‘’.

Whereas Mucahid says that this is a general expression...

‘’He, who gathers his possessions  and counts them one by one.’’  As Allah teala states in another verse ‘’He, who gathers his wealth and keeps them in a bowl’’ (Al Maarij/ The Ascending Stairways 18)

Suddi and Ibn Cebr say so. 

Whereas Mohammad Ibn Kab says   ‘’during daytime his wealth helps him to spend time in oneway or another and at night time he sleeps like a dead animal who is apt to decay’’.

‘’He thinks that his wealth will make him become immortal’’.  He thinks that gathering up wealth will make him stay  in this world eternally.

‘’No, he would definitely be thrown into the Hutamah/ the Consuming fire’’. 

No, the truth is not as he thinks nor as he estimates.  The one who collects all those possessions, all that wealth  and counts them  continuously will definitely be thrown into the consuming fire/the hutamah.

Hutamah is one of  the names  of  hell that has become an attribute, because it  pounds everyone who are in it .  

Therefore , Allahutaala states in the verse that follows the above:-

‘’Do you know what hutamah is? It is the fire of  Allah that has been set and it climbs up to diffuse into the hearts’’

Sabit el Benani says ‘’This statement expresses that the torment has reached them.’’ 

In our opinion the things that The Chapter of  the Traducer (Al Humazah) that has descended in Mecca wants to tell have been put into three groups which are interrelated :-

The first  is to traduce and backbite  the humans by words either openly or  behind their backs.

The second is having a  desire for the worldly life, therefore gathering material things, belongings and consuming one’s life-time in such a way,

The third is to be subject to torment and pain  in return for  the above .

Yes, by means of  plain logic,  you have to evaluate the subject in this manner.

When we think that an individual unit’s face is turned towards the world (towards the worldly life and possessions), it is most probable that he will live in pain and torment in the dimension of  the akhirat.   The absolute creator has attributed the name ‘’Hutamah’’ which means burning fire.  Hutamah is not the fire in the sense  that we know, but it is used to describe a torment, a suffering.

When one’s conscious gets veiled, the individual cannot catch the truth and as a result of this he lives without caring  about the divine rules and the decrees.  He, therefore feels himself  in  continuous suffering even in the world- life and in short he remains  at a level where he cannot remember the purpose of  his existence. This is what is being meant by ‘’hutamah’’.

Let us explain this;

The absolute creator has made this universe come into existence  from nothing and  in this universe the values that are being accepted and lived in the individualistic sense  are all relative, therefore every individual /every unit that accepts these concepts is a slave of  the hutamah.  The reason is  that with respect to Allah these conditions are not valid.

With reference to this point Muhyiddin Arabi warns ‘’The universe of existence is nothing other than the reflection of  Allah’s revelations onto the dimension of multiplicity.’’

When one does not make such an evaluation and sees things as less or lacking, in other words when one does make a cleaning  in his feelings , then this  signals  a depression that one would go through in the daily life.  Just have a careful look around and you can see this in those types who have got stuck to  the  concepts created by the human nature.    The Koran has named this state of  mind  as Hutamah.

As a result of  this, the human  being starts to live a life full of suffering in this world and when he goes to the after life realm he has to face a more stronger torment  in the dimension of hell.

Hutamah  can be made to extinguish  in the brain slowly or  it may  totally be abolished by not reacting to the criticisms and by not having nonsense thoughts such as ‘’Will they make fun of me?’’.

Most important of all, one should accept these as a means for an examination and save himself  from the negativity. One should feel the existence of  the creator in his essence; he should  choose to expand by means of sharing with others;   he should spend the utmost effort for this purpose and support the ones who are spending effort for the same purpose.  Most important of all he should save himself  from being individualistic and should not permit any doubtful behaviour.

Istanbul, June 30th 2001

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