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This article has been published in the daily newspaper "Akşam" and the monthly magazine "Yeni Dunya" (The New World)

hen I went to that district, which is now transformed into Islamic Cultural Center from a school for nuns after it has been purchased by the Soltan of Brunei. This place is located in the north of London where the Turks and the Pakistanis are high in number. I have been there to see this interesting place, perform the salat of Friday, and to visit Nazım Kıbrisi who was living in the big house near this center. There, I have seen very interesting things that have surprised me…

A humble English group of various ages were walking up and down in the street and were waiting for the time of the Friday Salat. They had beads in their hands almost reaching the ground, wearing long gowns and they had beards. It was obvious that they have been related to the religion of Islam through Kıbrisi.

These English natives have chosen the perfect one among the religions. However, the way of their dressing was even more different then the existing conditions in Turkey. Most probably, Kıbrisi had great influence on their clothing style.

In Islam, this kind of dressing and some similar kinds of behaviour are named as "being in conformity with the sunnat or to follow the sunnat".

Sunnat, in classical meaning is manners, behaviour, method and fundamentals. Because of this, in general it means morals and ethics.

Now; I want to summarize my ideas;

one of the main principles of the Koran is no forcing anyone.

The verse "la ikraha fid diyn" points this out openly.

(There isn't any forcing in the religion.)

It is not necessary to think deeply about this because of the simplicity. Everyone may get dressed in the way he wants, may grow a beard, may let his hair grow long or make it short. We can not have any objection for a style reflecting people's choices, but meanwhile we must not overlook the following point:-

It is incorrect to confuse the real meaning of the concept of "Sunnat" with one's personal understanding and to get Islam under one's monopoly.

If this kind of behaviour is sunnat, then 1400 years ago both Abu Cehil* and Abu Leheb* were dressing in the same style as our Prophet Mohammed. You must have a knowledge of where they are now.I don't know if you need any other warning or not...

We are observing that the concept of sunnat is misunderstood not only in the style of dressing, but misunderstood in various other subjects as well.

In the first place let's try to explain this;

What is meant by religion is the transformation of one's ethical principals and, acquiring the ethics of Allah, knowing Allah and live Allah in his/her own essence. This road starts with the "Shariat".*

However, if the Shariat doesn't let the person know his own truth and reality, doesn't enable him to reach Allah, if it is putting cliche forms and frames and rules, then that Shariat is not a Shariat.

Shariat; is the name the Reality takes the moment the Reality comes into the open. If Shariat can not be applied to Reality, falls away from the objectives and leads the person to worshipping, then that Shariat (religion) belongs to you only as the religion of your imagination.

The Reality comes into the open through an integrated system. Astronomy, Stars, Signs and the Planets are important units of the system. It is essential that the human being living on this world should be in conformity with the system, should keep in pace with this system, should reach a position to enable himself to take measures against the influences he receives. This is what Muttaki's* are doing.( see Bakara 2-3-4-5)

As a matter of fact the understanding of " Following the Sunnat" should be in this manner. The Koran has opened to us the door of evaluation, has directed us towards thinking, contemplating and has pointed out the creation in the universe as Sunnat.

"... ve len tecide li sünnetallahi tebdiyla" (Fetih 23)

(There is never a change in Allah's Sunnat/System.)

With this explanation, it's emphasized that religion is a system in the absolute sense. Therefore, forcing takes the human being out of the religion, opens the door for hypocricy, the person loses his faith and confidence. That is the reason why, there is no forcing, no pressure.

Even in the messages that have been revealed to our Prophet, it was said;

"Give a warning to them, notify them, this is your function of Prophecy." In reality, everybody is making mistakes, but they are not noticing themselves. Our duty here is to give them a warning remark only.

Allah's system starts with the existence of the Universe. Let's give an example from the positive sciences; Gravity has been present ever since the formation period of the World, it is not something that came into being afterwards the creation. What Isaac Newton did was to formulate it only.

Newton, according to the rules of physics, found a constant for gravity and it was indicated by "G". The numerical value of this constant "G" is in connection to a unit system in which force, mass and distance are expressed in mathematical terms. As we can se, it is formed according to a system. You have to follow this system (Sunnat).

One other example;

Every brain creates his spirit in accordance with his own frequency. This function and the brain's being an obstacle for the return of the spirit after it has passed into life after death, are all within a system.

This is what the Koran wants to tell with the word SunnatAllah/SYSTEM. Moreover, let's try to unfold this subject by investigating the types of behaviour that our Prophet had.

Our Prophet in his daily life,

-used a stick toothbrush (misvak)*

-he let his hair grow relatively long, but from time to time he had it cut short,

-when he left his home, he always stepped out with his right foot,

-when entering the mesjid* he stepped in with his right foot, and when he was leaving, he left with the left step,

-he always ate with his right hand,

-while drinking water with righte hand, he put the his/her left hand on the toppest part of his/her head and while doing this he sat upon his heels,

-while praying he raised his hands high up until his armpits could be seen,

-while he was cursing, (he made very few curses during his lifetime) he puts his hands forward,so that his palms were facing the ground and parallel to the ground,

-when he had to go to a place for the second time, he did not used the same road.

All of the above were in accordance with his living the aspect of Prophecy pertaining to mankind.

He also, performed the teravih salat* , when in Arafat* performed two salats at the same, time which normally took place at different times during the day, arranged the rows before starting the performance of salat, fasted on special days such as ature* and arife*, fasted in the month of Shevval* and fasted for 3 days each month, got into seclusion in the mesjid. Again, the reality behind all these actions is in connection with the effects of the System called "SunnatAllah".

In the simplest sense, the happenings that we call as sunnat and leave aside without bothering to think about them are made to respond to the System's way of functioning, and to know oneself.

Our Prophet preferred the colour white in his dresses. This was neither because this colour suited his composition, nor because it was a colour that he liked. It was simply due to the fact that the colour white reflects back the negative beams of light and does not attract them on it. Therefore, this preferance is directly related to the functioning of the system.

Besides, Allah's Rasul/Ambassador stayed away from all kinds of actions that could cause a dependency. This is a kind of message on which we, as people living with taboos, should think about a lot.

Addiction, dependancy will make up a structure of habits and character. As a result, the person in his understanding will not be able to go one step forward to reach his essence. Those who can not get to know Allah's system created with the order "kün" (be), or in other words, who can not read this system are unable to recognize the absolute Universal Power that has created them.

While the Koran is explaining to us all the functions under the heading "Sunnat"; we, ourselves have invented a kind of understanding for sunnat by way of imitation.

Our Prophet said; "The believer doesn't remain cross with his brother more than 3 days". The reason is as follows;

The moon , our satellite, which is nearly 400.000 km (fourhundred thousand kilometers) far from our earth represents our feelings. The moon in the first 15 days starting from the time of new moon, increases the energy in every unit, whereas in the following 15 days decreases the energy until the point of collapse. So, the moon affects negatively those who have the same sunsign in which the moon is staying for that period. It's very normal for the people who have the same sunsign which the moon is in, to be more sensitive than usual.

The moon changes signs in approximately two and a half days and goes through all the signs of the Zodiac in one month. Now, let's say that you are from the sign of Taurus, the moon is in your sign and it will stay there 2 to 3 days. During these days the probability of your having spoiled relations with others will be higher than other times.

As it is explained, the moon makes the feelings stronger, as a matter of fact it increases the activities of the hormones. Therefore, our Prophet excuses any action made during this period and freezes it. However, at the end of three days when the moon leaves your sign, he considers it necessary to settle the dispute.

Our Prophet's hadith "Don't start fasting before the new moon,(the crescent) and don't start the Bairam without seeing it. If the weather is cloudy then calculate moon's angle" and according to another story "complete the number of days to thirty" (Muslim)

As can be seen openly this hadith is in relation with the system. In our case, this rule is not applied much. However, we have no right to judge anyone. Every unit, will encounter the results of his deeds.

Sunnat, as explained in the Koran is the System. Simplifying this concept has no way of explanation apart from ignorance. Also, imitating can not grant a position to the person.

What all people who have faith in Allah and his Rasul (Messiah) should do is:

To give information to those who ask for it, on every subject as well as religious subjects without insisting. If he doesn't want any information and chooses the road for denial, then we must not be compelling, forcing. What we have to do is transferring the knowledge that we have, to those who are ignorant.

Be your own self, and live in accordance with the sunnat only after investigating the reason why.

May Allah be helping and supporting you.

  • Friday Salat: A special kind of salat/Namaz performed every Friday at noon time.
  • Abu Cehil and Abu Leheb: They were the leadersof the strong offonents of Mohammed; and were representing the mentality against him.
  • Shariat: The first step in reaching Allah.The suggestions of to protect and develop our brain by ALLAH."Hachikat" (Reality) is to understand singularity of Universe- The Only One and to live The Unity.
  • Muttaki: Those who are those cautious, who are aware of the system, there fore who are always on their guard.
  • Misvak: A kind of tooth brush made from a relatively soft wood.
  • Mesjid: Small mosque without a minaret. A place where salat is performed.
  • Teravih salat: Salat performed in Ramadan after breaking the fast.
  • Ature: The days when the oriental pudding with wheat and sultanas was cooked. The pudding is also named as "ature"
  • Arife: The day before the religious holiday Bairam.
  • Arafat: The hill where all the pilgrims gather together to throw stones to the "Satan" during pilgrimage.
  • Shevval: The 10 th month of the lunar year following Ramadan and the first 3 days are the days of Bairam for Ramadan.

Ahmet F. Yuksel


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